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Intelinair Partners With NVision Ag to Enhance Nitrogen Management

Intelinair Partners With NVision Ag to Enhance Nitrogen Management

Intelinair, a pioneer in agricultural technology, announced a strategic collaboration with NVision Ag, a leading data analytics firm specializing in nitrogen management. The partnership will integrate NVision Ag’s proprietary nitrogen management technology into Intelinair’s digital platform, AGMRI®.

This cutting-edge technology is poised to equip corn growers with essential information regarding nitrogen loss within their fields. It provides detailed insights to guide farmers on the necessity and quantity of nitrogen fertilizer needed in specific areas. This technology leverages aerial images to generate yield-loss maps, total yield-loss estimates, and Nitrogen (N)-rate control files, enabling growers to pinpoint areas within a field that require additional nitrogen.

“By combining our imagery and data analytics with NVision Ag’s advanced nitrogen management technology, we are set to enhance our in-season offering for nitrogen management in the 2023 crop season,” stated Tim Hassinger, CEO and President of Intelinair. “Our joint objective with this collaboration is to deliver timely data indicating precise locations within a field where nitrogen is most crucial for corn crops.”

The partnership reaffirms Intelinair’s dedication to offering actionable real-time insights to agricultural retailers and growers, empowering them to make informed, data-driven decisions.

President of NVision Ag, Peter Scharf, endorsed the collaboration, stating, “Intelinair is the perfect partner for us. Their daily analysis of farm field conditions complements our specialty in nitrogen management. One of the key insights derived from their imagery is the crop’s nitrogen status. By leveraging Intelinair’s imagery and our algorithms, we can assist farmers in making optimal nitrogen decisions, fine-tuning in-season nitrogen plans, or adjusting strategies when rainfall may have caused nitrogen loss. When nitrogen is needed, we can deliver prescriptions at scale through AGMRI to apply the nitrogen precisely where and in the quantities needed.”

Scharf, an expert in nitrogen studies for over three decades, is the author of “Managing Nitrogen in Crop Production,” published by the American Society of Agronomy.

The specific terms of the deal remain confidential, underscoring the strategic nature of this partnership. Intelinair and NVision Ag are driving innovation in the agricultural sector through this collaboration, leveraging technology to promote sustainable and efficient farming practices.

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