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Intelligent Optical Systems Announces Apollo Water Sensor Platform for Sensitive Measurements in Challenging Environments


Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.’s Apollo Water Sensor platform is a significant step forward in optode-based sensing platforms. Its cutting-edge optical fiber technology ensures the device is lightweight, compact, and energy-efficient, making it a reliable tool for sensitive measurements in harsh environments. The platform can provide accurate measurements thanks to its multiple Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and pH optical sensor caps, making it a versatile device for remote sensing, aquaculture, and environmental monitoring applications.

“The Apollo’s fiber optic sensors offer several advantages, including small size and weight, reduced interference from unwanted species, and the ability to be located far from the readout unit without power requirements,” said Rahul Ganguli, IOS’ CTO.


One of the strengths of the Apollo platform is its flexibility. The device has eight configurable channels, allowing users to customize it with optical, electrical, and electrochemical sensor channels. This versatility ensures that the device can be adapted to various applications and situations, making it a valuable tool for scientists and researchers who need to take measurements in different environments.

Another significant advantage of the Apollo Water Sensor platform is its ease of customization. Users can choose from a range of 6 different sensors, including third-party sensors, making it a flexible device that can be adapted to meet specific research needs. This feature ensures that users can access various options, allowing them to select the best sensor for their particular application.

Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.’s Apollo Water Sensor platform is a game-changer in sensing platforms, offering reliable and precise measurements in challenging environments. Its small size, weight, power, and ability to provide accurate readings make it an ideal device for researchers, environmental scientists, and industrial operators. The platform is available for purchase on the company’s website, Amazon, or by phone, making it accessible to everyone who needs it.

Photo by laura s on Unsplash 


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