The Jewish Family Service of Colorado (JFS) has acquired Altius Farms, integrating cutting-edge urban agriculture with community service.
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JFS and Altius Farms’ New Chapter in Urban Agriculture

The Jewish Family Service of Colorado (JFS) has ushered in a new chapter in its pursuit of community welfare and sustainable development. The esteemed community organization acquired Altius Farms, a prominent name in urban agriculture in Denver’s Five Points/Curtis Park neighborhood. The move amplifies JFS’s commitment to making a transformative and enduring impact on individuals and families in the region.

As urban farming continues to gain momentum, it offers opportunities to address many societal challenges, including food scarcity, sustainable agriculture, and unemployment. By integrating Altius Farms into its fold, JFS seeks to harness these possibilities to fulfill its objectives.

Linda P. Foster, JFS President & CEO, illuminated the vision behind the acquisition, stating, “With the purchase of JFS Altius Farms, we are investing in strengthening JFS’s infrastructure and creating a nonprofit social enterprise business that will provide financial support and sustainability for all our integrated programs for the future.”

Altius Farms’s heart lies in its avant-garde hydroponic and vertical farming technologies. With this acquisition, JFS is primed to tap into these state-of-the-art technologies, focusing on countering food insecurity, fostering employment opportunities, and facilitating training. The partnership offers hope to JFS clients and veterans keen on venturing into aeroponics and conventional farming. Especially beneficial will be the individuals facing employment challenges, including those with disabilities and recently resettled refugees.

Altius Farms isn’t just a farm; it’s a commitment to society. Over its operational years, the enterprise has been committed to nurturing and training military veterans. Collaborating with initiatives like Veterans to Farmers, the farm has been a training ground providing invaluable hands-on experience.

Sally A. Herbert, the new Director of JFS Altius Farms, expressed her enthusiasm about the merger. “Altius Farms has served Denver communities with premium produce for five years. We will continue that same commitment to consistency, quality, and service. I am excited to lead the next chapter for the farm’s growth as part of an established organization with an aligned vision,” she affirmed.

Loyal customers can rest assured. JFS Altius Farms will maintain its pledge to deliver premium produce to restaurants, grocers, and individual patrons through its CSA farm share programs. Plus, the seasoned Altius Farms team will continue to be the backbone of this enterprise under the JFS banner.

For JFS, Altius Farms doesn’t just symbolize a new venture; it encapsulates an evolution. With food becoming a paramount element of its brand, JFS is set to revolutionize community service, sustainable farming, and urban agriculture in Denver. This acquisition isn’t merely a transaction; it’s a testament to JFS’s unwavering mission of service and community transformation.

Image provided by Altius Farms

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