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Kayco and Bowery Partner to Bring Kosher Greens to North America

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Bowery, a leading vertical farming company in the United States, has partnered with Kayco, North America’s most prominent distributor to Kosher retail and food service companies. This partnership aims to provide hundreds of kosher supermarkets within a 200-mile radius of Bayonne, NJ, with the Bowery Mehadrin brand of greens. Bowery’s Protected Produce, grown vertically and pesticide-free, can be eaten straight out of the container without requiring washing or checking for bugs.

“At Bowery, our mission is to grow food smarter, for more people, in more places. Launching this partnership with Kayco will help us meet the demand for kosher, no-need-to-wash greens in the tri-state area,” said Katie Seawell, Chief Commercial Officer, Bowery Farm.

Bowery’s Protected Produce goes from harvest to shelf in just a few days, ensuring the produce stays fresh for extended periods. Furthermore, by growing closer to communities, Bowery reduces food miles, making their greens more environmentally sustainable. Bowery’s vertically grown greens come in five different varieties: Baby Butter, Romaine, Crispy Leaf, Mixed Greens, and Spring Mix, all of which are Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher certified and carry an additional rabbinical certification: Tartikov.

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Kayco’s President, Charles Herzog, expressed immense pride in the newly formed partnership with Bowery, stating that supplying fresh produce to their respective communities has been a long-standing goal. Recognizing the importance of state-of-the-art logistics, world-class tracking, and fast speed to market for success in this category, they collaborated with Bowery to adapt their exceptional kosher standards and shipping schedules to achieve this feat. Herzog is optimistic that this partnership will significantly impact the availability of fresh leafy greens in their market, which they believe will be well-received by their consumers.

The partnership with Kayco is a significant development for Bowery, as it allows them to meet the demand for no-need-to-wash kosher greens in the tri-state area. Kayco is proud of the newly formed relationship with Bowery and believes that it will significantly impact the availability of fresh leafy greens in their market. Kayco has been working closely with Bowery to adapt its exceptional kosher standards and shipping schedules to ensure success in this category.

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