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LHL Secures £20M Investment from Nimbus Capital

LHL Secures £20M Investment from Nimbus Capital

Key Takeaways:

  • LHL announces a £20 million capital commitment from Nimbus Capital.
  • The investment will support LHL’s sustainable tech initiatives in the circular economy.
  • LHL is set to receive funding through a Growth Equity Agreement after its public listing.
  • The partnership aims to reclaim valuable ingredients from food waste using advanced technology.

Capital Investment Announcement:

LHL, a UK-based company focused on sustainable technology, has secured a significant £20 million investment from Nimbus Capital. This private investment group supports businesses through dynamic growth phases with innovative financing.

Funding Agreement Details:

Under the terms of the agreement, Nimbus will provide the company with up to £20 million through a Growth Equity Agreement over 36 months following LHL’s public listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). LHL will control the timing and amount of the capital drawdowns, with no obligation to a minimum drawdown.

Strategic Partnership Benefits:

This partnership will enable the company to advance its mission of developing a tech-driven circular economy. The company uses proven and patented technologies to process food waste into valuable components, such as lycopene, for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

LHL’s Path to Public Listing:

As part of the agreement, concurrent with its public listing, LHL will issue warrants to Nimbus Capital, allowing for the purchase of up to 6% of LHL’s common stock. This arrangement underscores Nimbus Capital’s role as a strategic financial partner committed to the company’s long-term growth.

Executive Statements:

Matteo Turi, President & CEO of LHL, expressed enthusiasm about the groundbreaking partnership with Nimbus Capital, emphasizing the significant strides towards sustainability and high-value reclamation from vegetable and botanical matrices.

Investor Confidence:

Nimbus Capital’s investment reflects confidence in the company’s innovative approach to the reclamation of eco-friendly commodities and its potential for long-term growth as it prepares for its public offering on the LSE.

LHL’s initiative represents a step forward in addressing industrial demands for eco-friendly ingredients while contributing to the reduction of food waste. The partnership with Nimbus Capital marks a significant milestone for the company, setting the stage for its ambitious projects and public market debut.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash 

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