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Nano-Yield Introduces NanoCote™ Brand

Nano-Yield launches NanoCote™, a nanotechnology-based granular fertilizer coating, enhancing plant nutrition and promoting sustainable farming
Key Takeaways
  • Nano-Yield debuts NanoCote™, a pioneering nanotechnology-based granular fertilizer coating.
  • Engineered to elevate the granular fertilizer industry, NanoCote Core optimizes plant nutrition and complements existing fertilizers.
  • NanoCote is easy to blend, dries quickly, and requires no special equipment, offering a user-friendly formulation.
  • With NanoCote Core, machinery experiences reduced wear and tear, and the product is biodegradable, underlining its sustainable credentials.
  • The introduction of NanoCote signifies Nano-Yield’s expansion into granular fertilizer applications, now available for distribution in the U.S.

In a breakthrough development, Nano-Yield®, the trailblazer in nanotechnology advancements for fertilizers, adjuvants, and crop chemistries, has launched the NanoCote™ brand. This innovative nanotechnology-based granular fertilizer coating is poised to redefine the sector. At the heart of this initiative is NanoCote Core, a product meticulously designed to synergize with existing fertilizers, pushing the boundaries of the industry.

Reflecting on the years of development, Nano-Yield CEO and CoFounder Clark Bell exclaimed, “We are thrilled with the development of NanoCote over the past several years. Through extensive lab and field trials, we have harnessed the incredible potential of nanotechnology to enhance every aspect of the farming experience when added to granular fertilizers.”

But what makes NanoCote so revolutionary? Mark Slavens, Nano-Yield President and COO, sheds light on the user-friendliness of this technology. “Our team is proud to have engineered this technology seamlessly for blending operations. You can spray it on any dry granular fertilizer. It dries very quickly without heat or any other specialized equipment.” Such a straightforward application process will undoubtedly be a game-changer for many in the industry.

Garrett Olsen, Director of Research & Development, delves deeper into the science behind NanoCote. The nanoparticles serve as a delivery mechanism, primarily focusing on enhancing the nutrient uptake by plants. “Our goal was to create a user-friendly formulation that maximizes plant nutrition. Every component in NanoCote products serves a purpose and drives the entire formulation,” he asserts.

The benefits of NanoCote Core are multifaceted. While farmers and blenders will appreciate reduced machinery wear and tear, the environment stands to gain as well. Brooke Rosqvist, NanoCote Brand Manager, emphasizes the brand’s eco-friendly approach, stating, “NanoCote Core reduces dust, cleans machinery, and minimizes wear and tear on equipment, benefiting both farmers and blenders. Moreover, it boasts impressive sustainability credentials by being biodegradable, setting a new standard for environmentally friendly granular applications. This will especially be appealing to those interested in regenerative ag practices.”

The unveiling of the NanoCote brand symbolizes a significant stride for Nano-Yield, marking its foray into granular fertilizer applications. And with its compatibility with any coating, farmers can now elevate their favorite products, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake.

NanoCote Core is primed and ready for distribution across the United States. As the agricultural sector awaits its transformative impact, Nano-Yield continues its legacy of pioneering nanotechnology solutions, reinforcing its position as a force to be reckoned with in agriculture.

Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash 

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