New Project In Poland Poised To Transform Apple Industry
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New Project In Poland Poised To Transform Apple Industry

A groundbreaking initiative, the Digital Agriculture Project, was announced following a meeting between Mr. Du Guoyong, Deputy Secretary-General of the World Peace Ribbon Organization and Director General of the Poland Committee, Dr. Bauluo Zhang, Chairman of the GDE European Exchange, and Marcin Marzec, Mayor of Sandomierz. According to the company, the project, a collaborative effort between WMBT Holdings and local company Sad Sandomierski, can potentially transform the apple industry in Poland.

The Digital Agriculture Project’s primary objective is to digitize 10 million apple trees in Sandomierz, creating an innovative digital investment platform. Over ten years, investors will have the opportunity to acquire a share of the apple trees’ output, including apple wine, apple chips, and functional juices. Additionally, investors can purchase digital asset packages and obtain carbon credits from thousands of acres of orchards. Each package will also have the option to bind a Polish (EU) digital citizen identity, offering further benefits and opportunities.

The global apple market is valued at approximately $60 billion, with Europe accounting for 30% of total consumption. There is a growing demand for organic and healthy food products. The Digital Agriculture Project aims to capitalize on this trend by offering a transparent and sustainable solution for apple cultivation. Investors will gain access to a green and sustainable digital asset representing a share of the commercial returns from apple harvests and related products, allowing them to customize their investment preferences.

Poland is one of the world’s largest apple producers, accounting for 10% of the global market share, thanks to its favorable climate, fertile soil, and extensive experience in apple cultivation. Sandomierz, located in the Holy Cross Province, is a crucial region for apple farming. The Digital Agriculture Project aligns with sustainable agricultural practices and functional food products, catering to farmers, investors, and consumers seeking responsible and environmentally friendly options.

The partnership between WMBT Holdings, the Sandomierz Government, and Sad Sandomierski combines traditional agricultural expertise with innovative digital solutions. As a result, the digital investment platform democratizes access to agricultural investments, allowing investors to contribute to sustainable farming practices and enjoy tangible returns.

WMBT Holdings and the Sandomierz Government’s collaboration demonstrates their commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture through technology. Furthermore, the project sets the stage for the fusion of digital innovation and agriculture, paving the way for the industry’s future.

The Digital Agriculture Project is expected to transform the apple industry in Poland, setting new benchmarks for agricultural investments worldwide. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in digital agriculture, showcasing the potential of digital assets to promote sustainable development, enhance investment transparency, and drive economic growth.

Image provided by WBMT Holdings

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