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No Brand Burger Introduces First Plant-Based Burger Franchise

No Brand Burger unveils world's first plant-based burger franchise with "Better Burger", redefining fast food with sustainable choices.

SHINSEGAE FOOD Inc., a food company in South Korea, has made a significant stride in the fast-food industry by introducing the world’s first plant-based burger franchise. No Brand Burger, a subsidiary of SHINSEGAE FOOD, recently unveiled its groundbreaking “Better Burger”, which is made entirely from plant-based ingredients. This innovative offering marks a milestone in the global burger industry.

The key feature of No Brand Burger’s “Better Burger” is its commitment to using only plant-based ingredients. All four main components of the burger, including the bun, patty, cheese, and sauce, have been carefully crafted using 100% plant-based alternatives. SHINSEGAE FOOD, while leveraging its unique food technology capabilities, has developed the “Better Bun,” a burger bun made entirely from plant-based ingredients. This achievement highlights the company’s dedication to creating sustainable and healthier options for consumers.

One of the standout aspects of the “Better Burger” is its plant-based patty, aptly named “Better Meat.” SHINSEGAE FOOD has successfully developed an alternative meat product that not only replicates the texture and taste of traditional meat but also enhances the overall flavor of the burger. This innovation caters to consumers who still crave the meaty experience while opting for more sustainable choices. Additionally, the Bolognese sauce used in the “Better Burger” incorporates plant-based ground meat, further enhancing the meaty flavor profile.

It is worth noting that No Brand Burger has gone the extra mile by ensuring even the cheese used in the “Better Burger” is entirely plant-based. This sets the franchise apart from other burger chains worldwide, making it the first to offer a fully plant-based cheese option. By addressing all aspects of the burger, No Brand Burger has created a comprehensive plant-based dining experience that satisfies consumers’ taste preferences while promoting sustainable and ethical food choices.

In line with its commitment to social values, No Brand Burger aims to provide a positive alternative food experience while contributing to various causes. The launch of the “Better Burger” coincides with the introduction of “Better Choice,” a low-carbon healthy menu group. No Brand Burger plans to continuously expand its plant-based menu offerings to spread awareness about human health, the global environment, and animal welfare. In the coming months, the franchise will introduce the “Better Nugget,” a chicken nugget made entirely from plant-based ingredients, further expanding its range of alternatives.

An official from SHINSEGAE FOOD expressed their motivation behind the creation of the “Better Burger,” stating, “We developed the Better Burger using our own food tech capabilities to provide tastier and healthier burgers for the MZ generation, who prioritize value-conscious consumption.” The company aims to provide a wide array of menu options to cater to diverse consumer preferences while promoting the social value of alternative foods.

Image provided by No Brand Burger

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