Univar Solutions Boosts Plant-Based Offerings with ICL's Rovitaris Proteins
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Univar Solutions Boosts Plant-Based Offerings with ICL’s Rovitaris Proteins

Univar Solutions Inc., a preeminent global provider of specialty ingredients and chemicals, has announced a new distribution agreement with ICL for its Rovitaris textured plant proteins in North America. This latest agreement is an extension of their current business partnership in which Univar Solutions serves as a distributor for ICL’s specialty food solutions, including phosphate and food ingredients.

Kevin Hack, Global Vice President of Food Ingredients for Univar Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm about the expanded collaboration. “We are excited to continue developing our relationship with ICL and include their plant-based proteins in our specialty ingredients portfolio,” said Hack. “This new agreement enhances our product range with a strategic supplier and strengthens our food portfolio with complementary protein products that support meat alternative food producers.”

This development comes as the demand for plant-based food options grows, with consumers increasing interest in health and sustainability. Adding Rovitaris plant-based proteins to the Univar Solutions portfolio aligns with this trend. It is expected to satisfy the changing dietary preferences and needs of the current food market changing dietary preferences and needs.

Univar Solutions’ Foodology is a critical driver in assisting food brands with product development challenges, offering innovation and testing in specialty ingredients. Adding ICL’s plant-based proteins expands Foodology’s abilities to support these brands further.

ICL’s Global Alternative Proteins Leader, Paul Petersen, commented on the new agreement, “We’re excited to be expanding our relationship with Univar Solutions in North America to include plant-based proteins.” Petersen further underlined ICL’s commitment to creating sustainable solutions for global food markets and its broad contributions to food security through innovative products.

The new agreement facilitates access to innovative ingredients and technical expertise for customers in various food sectors, including dairy, beverages, bakery, meat and poultry, and snacks. For example, ICL’s Rovitaris plant-based protein ingredients, known for their texture, stability, and flavor profiles, are used in various vegan food applications, from plant-based burgers to alternative milk products.

In conclusion, Univar Solutions continues reinforcing its commitment to the global food ingredients industry by expanding its portfolio with ICL’s plant-based proteins. This strategic move will boost its customer offerings while addressing sustainability issues and the growing consumer preference for plant-based alternatives.

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