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Nobell Foods Tops Fast Company’s Agriculture Award with Plant-Based Cheese Innovation

Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards, celebrating innovations that propel us toward a more sustainable future, have announced their 2023 winners. Nobell Foods, a company harnessing the power of biotechnology to revolutionize dairy production, has taken top honors in the Agriculture category for their innovative technique of growing dairy protein in soybeans. The result? A more sustainable, plant-based cheese that boasts an ultra-realistic flavor profile.

Other than Nobell Foods, the panel of esteemed judges also recognized 12 finalists and honorable mentions, showcasing the diversity of groundbreaking work in sustainable agriculture. Bioalbumen, developed by Onego Bio, presents an animal-free egg white solution, while Trendi’s BioTrim focuses on sustainable food waste management. Carbon credits for rice growers, a program by Orbia, was applauded for its positive impact on carbon offsetting. Elemental Enzymes and Terviva showcased solutions for reducing fertilizer use and creating sustainable crop alternatives. Finally, big Wheelbarrow was recognized for its effort in hyperlocal food sourcing.

Honorable mentions included Absorboost, a project from The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel, and FieldPRO’s AI for autonomous tractors. In addition, organic Valley’s Carbon Insetting Project and Conservation International’s Exponential Roadmap for Natural Climate Solutions were noted for their contribution to carbon sequestration. HealthSense High-Fiber Wheat Flour by Bay State Milling and Lithos Carbon’s initiative of using rock dust to remove carbon also received accolades for their innovation in sustainability.

These forward-thinking projects and businesses offer hope for the future of sustainable farming. This field is becoming increasingly vital as we face climate change and food security. The World Changing Ideas Awards are a testament to the innovative spirit driving the agricultural sector toward a more sustainable future.

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