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OAZO and GrowPura: Innovating for Global Food Security

OAZO and GrowPura partner to deploy innovative global underground hydroponic farms for community food security.
Key Takeaways
  1. Strategic Partnership Formation: OAZO USA Inc. has partnered with GrowPura Limited to introduce OAZO Hubs & Underground Farming Systems worldwide, leveraging advanced hydroponic technology for local food production.
  2. Community-Centric Approach: The OAZO hubs are designed to be more than farming ventures; they aim to build community cohesion by promoting education, wellness, job creation, and local business growth centered around access to fresh, locally grown produce.
  3. Technological Innovation: GrowPura’s cutting-edge hydroponic growing systems will fully automate the OAZO hubs, optimizing efficiency and producing clean, ready-to-eat products while addressing soil degradation and climate challenges.
  4. Pilot Project Commencement: The initial OAZO Hub is set to begin in Gallup, New Mexico, with a pilot site in the first half of 2024, signaling the start of what is planned to be a global network of sustainable, community-focused farms.
  5. Visionary Leadership: Edward Armon of OAZO and Nick Bateman of GrowPura share a common vision for revolutionizing food delivery to communities, emphasizing the need for sustainable, secure food production in the face of environmental challenges.

In an ambitious move to reshape global food production and strengthen community bonds, OAZO USA Inc. and GrowPura Limited have announced a groundbreaking strategic partnership. This alliance is primed to launch an innovative approach to agriculture with the OAZO Hubs & Underground Farming Systems, using GrowPura’s advanced hydroponic technologies.

Edward Armon, CEO of OAZO USA Inc., envisions these hubs as transformative community centers. His dream to infuse local areas with self-sustainability and food security has resonated with stakeholders across sectors, earning support from private investors, governments, and local communities. The impetus behind these hubs goes beyond agriculture; they are intended to be focal points for community education, wellness initiatives, employment opportunities, and the promotion of healthy living.

The technology at the heart of these hubs is equally revolutionary. GrowPura’s automated hydroponic systems address the environmental and economic challenges of traditional agriculture. By creating controlled, clean room environments, these systems not only produce crops that are ready to consume directly but do so in a way that is sustainable and responsive to the growing concern over climate change, pesticide use, and soil degradation.

GrowPura’s Chairman, Nick Bateman, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, which aims to address critical issues in food production and delivery. This synergy is poised to change the landscape of farming and solidify the bond between food production and community welfare.

The first of these hubs is scheduled to break ground in Gallup, New Mexico, with a pilot site launching in the first half of 2024. This site will serve as the prototype for subsequent farms, laying the groundwork for what is anticipated to be a comprehensive network of high-tech, community-embedded agricultural systems.

The partnership between OAZO and GrowPura is not just an investment in farming technology; it is a commitment to the future of communities around the globe. With their combined resources and shared vision, Armon and Bateman are set to lead the way in making sustainable, locally-grown food a cornerstone of communities worldwide, challenging the status quo and redefining what it means to be secure in our food and our bonds with one another.

Image provided by GrowPura

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