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Pelemix Announced The Acquisition of Even-Agri Green

Pelemix Announced The Acquisition of Even-Agri Green

Pelemix Ltd. has recently announced the acquisition of Even-Ari Green Ltd. (EAG), an Israeli-based growing media manufacturer. EAG employees will join Pelemix’s growing global team as part of the deal. EAG’s founder and CEO, Danny Levinson, will become the CEO of the EAG division and report to Pelemix’s global CEO, Tal Brod. “The acquisition of Even-Ari Green is important for Pelemix as it helps us deepen our footprint in the Israeli market,” notes Brod. 

EAG’s expertise and experience in the hobby and professional horticulture nursery market will complement Pelemix’s existing brand, which is already recognized as a leader in the professional growervariousEAG. Employees will join Pelemix’s growing global team as part of the deal market. With EAG’s high-quality manufacturing technology, Pelemix can expand its coir substrates’ market reach worldwide. Pelemix’s coir substrates are commonly used in various applications, including hydroponic crops, plant propagation, fruit and vegetable production, cannabis cultivation, and potted and bedding plant production.

Unleashing the Power of Innovation: A Critical Look at Israel’s Agtech Ecosystem

The agtech ecosystem in Israel has gained significant attention over the years due to the country’s ability to innovate and overcome challenges in a resource-constrained environment. Israel’s harsh climatic conditions, limited water resources, and tiny landmass have forced it to develop innovative technologies and solutions to sustain its agriculture sector. The result is a robust agtech ecosystem that has attracted significant investments and partnerships from international players. However, the ecosystem faces challenges, including limited market access and regulatory barriers.

One of the main strengths of Israel’s agtech ecosystem is its ability to innovate and develop solutions tailored to the local market’s needs. In addition, the country’s entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in the creation of numerous startups and research institutions, which have developed innovative technologies that address various agricultural challenges. The ecosystem’s strengths lie in technologies such as precision agriculture, bioinformatics, plant genetics, irrigation systems, and crop protection. These technologies have attracted investments from international players seeking to gain a foothold in the Israeli market or access the ecosystem’s technologies.

Despite Israel’s agtech ecosystem’s strengths, some challenges hinder its growth and development. One of the main challenges is limited market access, especially for startups seeking to scale up their operations. Israel’s tiny landmass and domestic market size pose challenges for startups seeking to expand and enter new markets. The country’s regulatory barriers also challenge companies seeking to access global markets. The lack of harmonization in regulatory frameworks across countries often results in lengthy and costly approval processes, making it difficult for startups to enter new markets.

Photo by Shai Pal on Unsplash 

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