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Pipp Horticulture Acquires Grow Glide’s Assets To Further its Growth

Pipp Horticulture acquires Grow Glide

Pipp Horticulture has announced the acquisition of Grow Glide’s assets, a technology company that provides innovative indoor cultivation solutions. The move comes after five years of collaboration between the two brands and is expected to bring a range of new products and services to customers in the indoor vertical farming industry. The acquisition will allow Pipp Horticulture to leverage the unique design features and cutting-edge technology of Grow Glide while also utilizing its own experience, made-in-USA production, and world-class customer service. According to the company’s statement, the combined strength of the two organizations is expected to push the industry forward into an exciting new era of innovation and growth. 

“Following five years of both brands working hard to deliver higher value to their respective customers, we are pleased to announce that Pipp Horticulture and Grow Glide are now operating together and perfectly positioned to push the industry forward into what is bound to be a fascinating future.” Commented Craig Umans, President & CEO of Pipp.

“The team from Grow Glide is thrilled to be joining Pipp Horticulture. By utilizing our knowledge, experience, and resources, we’ll be able to deliver even greater value to cultivators worldwide. This represents a significant step forward for the indoor cultivation industry. We’re honored to be at the forefront of this evolution.” added Darin Siples and Travis Schwartz of Grow Glide.

An Increase In Mergers & Acquisition Throughout The Industry

The agriculture industry has witnessed an uptick in mergers and acquisitions lately, as several companies have been making strategic moves to expand their reach and product offerings. Pure Flavor, for instance, recently acquired Cervini Farms as a part of its growth strategy. Similarly, Growy Holdings acquired Kalera GmbH & Assets to strengthen its position in the indoor vertical farming space. Betterment Harvest also took a 50% stake in Ontario Greenhouse to expand its presence in the fresh produce market. AgriFORCE entered into a $28 million LOI to acquire Berry People, a deal that would help AgriFORCE establish itself as a leading grower and supplier of organic berries in North America. These mergers and acquisitions are expected to bring more value to customers and drive growth in the agriculture industry.

Image provided by Pipp Horticulture

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