Planted Detroit, a beloved company promoting sustainability and health, announces its closure due to budget constraints.
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Planted Detroit Announces Closure

In a heartfelt message to the Planted Detroit community, CEO & Founder Tom Adamczyk revealed the difficult decision to wind down the operations of the beloved company. Plagued by budget constraints in recent weeks, the team at Planted Detroit worked tirelessly to find solutions, but sadly, their efforts proved insufficient. As a result, the company will commence the process of closure on Monday, July 17th.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Planted Detroit is committed to fulfilling its obligations to customers during this transition. The company will continue to provide salads and greens until July 28th, honoring all subscriptions, farmers market commitments, and delivery orders placed on their website. From July 31st to August 4th, products will be available for pickup only at the farm. August 4th will mark the final day of operations, concluding with the fulfillment of the last pick-up orders and the subsequent dismissal of all employees.

While Planted Detroit is actively seeking external investors to potentially save the company and preserve its legacy, there is no guarantee of such a rescue. Tom Adamczyk emphasized that critical business decisions cannot solely rely on hope, even as they explore all possibilities for securing the company’s future. Those interested in investing or seeking additional information were encouraged to contact Tom Adamczyk directly at 734-250-1906.

In the wake of this announcement, the company’s focus has shifted to supporting its dedicated employees. The management is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for its team members, who have been the backbone of Planted Detroit’s success. If you know of any job opportunities suitable for their skill sets, including farm technicians, maintenance workers, food safety experts, marketing & communications professionals, or sales managers, you are urged to contact the Head of HR, Katrina Cotton, at (313) 784-9552.

Planted Detroit expressed profound gratitude to its community for five years of unwavering support. Throughout its journey, the company has championed sustainability, health, and well-being, forging meaningful connections with its customers. Despite the upcoming closure, the positive impact and memories created will remain a testament to the Planted Detroit community’s enduring spirit.

As the company faces this difficult chapter, its founder, Tom Adamczyk, remains hopeful that the journey does not end here. The legacy of Planted Detroit may yet find new life through external investment or the potential for future endeavors. For now, the company bids a heartfelt farewell to its community and extends its deepest appreciation for the support and love shared throughout the years.

Image provided by Planted Detroit

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