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Queensland Government Supports Recommendations from Gasfields Commission Review to Strengthen Coexistence of Resource and Agriculture Sectors

Queensland Government

The Queensland Government has announced its commitment to broadly support all recommendations from the Gasfields Commission Queensland’s review into coal seam gas (CSG)-induced subsidence. These measures aim to bolster protections that enable the resource and agriculture sectors to coexist harmoniously.

The government will fully support six recommendations from the review, while the remaining two will be supported in principle, subject to further investigation. The response also includes plans to expand the role of the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment in offering independent assessments and management of farm-scale subsidence.

A new mapping layer has also been released on the Queensland Globe, providing a comprehensive view of the interaction between resources, agricultural projects, and approved or planned renewable energy projects.

Resources Minister Scott Stewart emphasized the importance of the resource and agriculture sectors to Queensland’s economy. He stated that the government has listened to community concerns regarding CSG-induced subsidence and is dedicated to ensuring that coexistence frameworks provide adequate protection.

Minister Stewart also highlighted the new mapping layer on the Queensland Globe, which offers more significant insights into the location of resources, renewable energy, and agricultural projects. This initiative is a crucial action from the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan.

The minister expressed confidence that these measures will contribute to the continued growth of the mining, renewable energy, and agriculture sectors, generating thousands of quality jobs for Queensland in the coming years.

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