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SwarmFarm Robotics Secures AUD 12M Series A

SwarmFarm Secures AUD 12M

SwarmFarm Robotics, an Australian-based agtech company, has recently secured AUD 12 million in Series A funding led by Canadian-based AgTech fund, Emmertech, to develop and grow the Integrated Autonomy category in agriculture. The funding will be used to create further SwarmFarm Robotics’ versatile SwarmBot platform and breakthrough operating system network called SwarmConnect. The company’s unique approach to autonomy in agriculture, which it calls Integrated Autonomy, unlocks the full potential of driverless technology by providing specialty robotics solutions with an open platform to develop on. The company focuses on creating a farm-centric system that helps farmers address the issues in their locality with minimal environmental impact.

According to Andrew Bate, the CEO of SwarmFarm, the demand for autonomy in agriculture is significant. However, he believes that most solutions today do not unlock their full potential. Bate stated that current equipment providers think farmers are only looking to replace themselves with robotic arms or remove themselves from the cab altogether. At SwarmFarm, they hold a different view. They believe that farmers are looking for a technology ecosystem designed to address the issues specific to their locality. In addition, this system should be farm-centric and minimize the environmental impact on their fields, helping them to achieve more with less. SwarmFarm’s solution, which they call Integrated Autonomy, is precisely what they are developing to meet these requirements.

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SwarmFarm Robotics’ approach to autonomy in agriculture is focused on creating specialized tools that can be attached to swarms of small, agile, autonomous robot platforms. This will enable the development of new farming practices tailored to the specific needs of farmers in different regions. With the funding, the company aims to create a platform where developers can create and share their tools to work with the SwarmBot platform.

SwarmFarm Robotics has already achieved significant success in Australia and has consistently grown by serving customers across the country and working with innovative farm equipment developers. The company plans to use the funding to expand its presence and further develop its platform. To support this growth, the company will hire new employees for its Queensland and New South Wales offices. The funding is a major milestone for SwarmFarm Robotics and is a significant step towards achieving its vision for the future of agriculture.

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