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Regenerative Agave Program For Sustainable Tequilla

Regenerative agave agriculture

Beam Suntory’s pilot program in the tequila industry is an innovative and promising step towards a more sustainable future. By exploring regenerative agricultural practices in the agave fields near its Casa Sauza operations in Jalisco, Mexico, the company hopes to reduce its emissions by 50% by 2026 and reach 100% by 2030. This ambitious goal reflects the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices and its dedication to positively impacting the environment.

“This marks an exciting step toward more sustainably sourcing the highest quality agave for our renowned Casa Sauza tequila, ultimately benefitting the environment through the power of regenerative agriculture,” said Kim Marotta, Global Vice President of Environmental Sustainability, Beam Suntory. “We are proud to be working toward our sustainability commitments with cutting-edge initiatives across our entire family of brands.”

The program is designed to use regenerative agriculture to neutralize the carbon emissions created by the company’s operations. This approach goes beyond conventional farming methods, often relying on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that can hurt soil health and biodiversity. Instead, regenerative agriculture improves soil health, increases biodiversity, and promotes carbon sequestration. By adopting this approach, Beam Suntory hopes to reduce its carbon footprint and positively impact the environment.

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“Caring for the environment is a core value in our pursuit to produce the finest tequila,” said Servando Calderon, General Manager of Tequila Operations Casa Sauza. “We are proud to be kicking off this new pilot program, which has the potential to capture more than 36,800 tons of carbon per year – leading to healthier soil, increased biodiversity, and reduced soil erosion.”

The benefits of this pilot program go beyond just reducing carbon emissions. Using regenerative agricultural practices, Beam Suntory can improve soil health, increase biodiversity, and reduce soil erosion. This approach can potentially create a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem that can better withstand the challenges of climate change. Additionally, this program could serve as a model for other companies looking to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact.

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