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Samsara Partners With Nutrien Ag Solutions

AgTech company, Samsara partners with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Samsara Inc., a leading Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, has announced that its Connected Operations™ Cloud has been selected by Nutrien Ag Solutions, the world’s largest provider of agriculture inputs and services. This partnership will leverage Samsara’s technology to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of Nutrien Ag Solutions’ operations.

Nutrien Ag Solutions is utilizing Samsara’s Video-Based Safety and Vehicle Telematics solutions to improve driver safety, prevent crashes, promote safe driving behaviors, and mitigate risks. By leveraging Samsara’s technology, Nutrien Ag Solutions aims to achieve its safety goal of “everyone home safe, every day.” In addition, the event analysis, education, and coaching provided by Samsara’s technology will enable Nutrien Ag Solutions to understand the needs of its field operations better and reduce environmental impact by decreasing idling and fuel consumption.

The Connected Operations Cloud, a critical component of Nutrien Ag Solutions’ digital supply chain plan, will enable the company to connect its core operations center for branch visibility into about 75,000 fleet assets. This will allow Nutrien Ag Solutions to track and manage its fleet more effectively, improving efficiency and cost savings.

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“Above all, Nutrien Ag Solutions is committed to the safety of our customers and our people, and that means exploring new and innovative technologies to ensure we are conducting operations according to our Culture of Care, with safety and integrity front of mind,” said David Elser, Senior Vice President of Nutrien Ag Solutions North America.

Furthermore, Nutrien Ag Solutions plans to leverage Samsara’s open ecosystem of partner integrations for additional logistics, diagnostics, and asset management needs. This will provide Nutrien Ag Solutions with a comprehensive suite of solutions that can be integrated seamlessly with its existing systems.

The partnership between Samsara and Nutrien Ag Solutions represents an important step towards realizing the full potential of IoT in the agriculture sector. Samsara’s Chief Product Officer, Jeff Hausman, is excited to see the many outcomes that can be accomplished with Nutrien Ag Solutions. The collaboration between the two companies is data-driven and aims to deliver tangible results regarding increased safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

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