Revol Greens Join Forces With Blue Radix To Increase Automation

Revol Greens Partners With Blue Radix. Indoor Farming; Greenhouse; Vertical Farming

A Dutch autonomous growing expert, Blue Radix, has been selected by Revol Greens, the biggest sustainable greenhouse lettuce farmer in North America, to supply technical services to all of Revol’s US-based greenhouses. The AI investment made by Revol Greens will boost crop yields and lower energy costs, supporting the company’s goal of growing lettuce and other greens in a more sustainable manner. Through its relationship with Blue Radix, Revol Greens will be able to more accurately manage output across a number of locations in Minnesota, California, Georgia, and Texas. Using plant and climate sensors, the cutting-edge AI system will compute the ideal greenhouse environment every 5 minutes based on past data and multi-day weather forecasts.

Revol Greens, the largest sustainable greenhouse lettuce grower in North America, has chosen Blue Radix, an independent Dutch autonomous growing specialist, to provide technology services. Revol Greens’ investment in AI will increase crop yield levels and reduce energy costs. The two companies started their cooperation in April this year.

According to Mohammed Oufattole, CTO of Revol Greens, “We are pleased to deploy Blue Radix’s artificial intelligence technologies to help our farmers and improve energy and climate management throughout our expanding network of greenhouse facilities.” Blue Radix’s Crop Controller provides growers with the resources they need to maximize crop production while minimizing energy costs. “With Blue Radix’s Crop Controller, we are continuously collecting and processing live data and using it for decision automation in ways far more efficient than humanly possible,” He adds. Blue Radix’s Crop Controller automates daily decision-making by collecting, structuring, and processing data using algorithms. It does this by continually looking for methods to save expenses and decrease hazards around the clock, 365 days a year.

Blue Radix’s advanced AI technology will calculate the optimal greenhouse climate every 5 minutes using plant and climate sensors. It will also give Revol Greens more control over temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and required light levels the company states.

According to Michael Wainscott, CEO of Revol Greens, “By teaming with Blue Radix to implement autonomous growing we forecast the capacity to greatly boost our production output while keeping our energy consumption and prices down. Revol Green’s main objective is to provide customer access to safe, sustainably produced greens. We’ll do this, in part, by implementing the industry’s most cutting-edge greenhouse technology and growth practices.”

Image provided by Blue Radix


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