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Revol Greens Unveils AI-Powered Lettuce Facility in Texas

Revol Greens debuts the world’s single-largest controlled environment agriculture (CEA) lettuce facility ever built. The newly erected greenhouse boasts cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools that meticulously monitor and adjust climate control, irrigation, and energy management for maximum output and efficiency 365 days a year. The new operation is expected to create 130 jobs and give access to over 70 percent of the United States market when combined with its existing operations. CEA, Indoor Farming, AgTech

Revol Greens (website), a leader in sustainable agriculture, has announced the opening of the world’s most extensive controlled environment agriculture (CEA) lettuce facility in Temple, Texas. This new state-of-the-art facility, utilizing advanced artificial intelligence tools, is set to alter how lettuce is grown and distributed across the United States.

The company’s new greenhouse has high-tech tools that monitor and adjust environmental factors, including climate control, irrigation, and energy management. This technology-driven approach aims to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency throughout the year, delivering fresh and nutritious produce regardless of the season.

In a statement, Michael Wainscott, CEO of Revol Greens, said, “This is a milestone moment for our team. We aim to provide fresh, affordable lettuce to consumers nationwide. The addition of the Temple facility opens new markets to Revol Greens, allowing for further reduction of food miles typically traveled within the US salad market.”

This new operation is expected to significantly boost local employment, creating 130 jobs in the Temple, TX, area. Revol Green’s distribution also marks a significant expansion, enabling access to over 70 percent of the United States market when integrated with its existing operations.

The Temple facility joins Revol Greens’ network of operations in Owatonna, MN, Athens, GA, and Tehachapi, CA. Strategically located, these facilities offer proximity to crucial customer distribution centers. As a result, the company has secured distribution partnerships with several leading retailers, including H-E-B, Sprouts, Costco, Walmart, Kroger, Target, United Supermarkets, and Amazon Fresh. This expansion ensures consumers have year-round access to various Revol Greens’ fresh, locally grown, organic, and conventional lettuce varieties, reaching store shelves within 24-48 hours of harvest.

The company’s innovative growing practices prioritize water conservation, with the company’s greenhouses projected to save 880 million gallons of water each year compared to traditional field-grown lettuce. The Temple facility, in particular, will source most of its water by collecting rainwater, conserving up to 380 million gallons of Texas water annually.

With the support of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s GO TEXAN program, Revol Greens continues to advance its commitment to local agriculture and sustainable practices, proving that with technology and dedication, we can better feed the nation while preserving our resources. This partnership represents a shared vision for the future of agriculture that benefits consumers, workers, and the environment.

Image provided by Revol Greens representing Revol Greens Temple Texas


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