The Saudi Ministry's launched Agriculture Hackathon is empowering innovators to revolutionize agriculture through digital solutions.
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Saudi Ministry Launches Agriculture Hackathon

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia has taken a significant step towards promoting innovation in the agricultural sector by announcing the commencement of the “Agriculture Hackathon.” This event is set to inspire and support young individuals, developers, and innovators to drive creativity and technological advancements within the agricultural domain.

The primary objective of the Agriculture Hackathon is to generate digital solutions, platforms, and applications that can intelligently tackle the challenges faced by the agricultural sector. By doing so, the ministry aims to foster a sustainable agricultural ecosystem in alignment with the objectives of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. This national strategic plan seeks to diversify the economy, reduce dependency on oil revenue, and promote a thriving society with a focus on innovation and technological progress.

The competition will play a pivotal role in supporting agricultural development goals by addressing various key aspects. With growing populations and increasing pressure on limited resources, ensuring food and water security is of paramount importance. Participants in the Agriculture Hackathon are encouraged to propose innovative solutions that can enhance food production and water management in the country. Moreover, Embracing modern technologies and innovative practices can significantly improve productivity and the overall quality of agricultural produce. The hackathon aims to unearth cutting-edge ideas that can be implemented to enhance the sector’s efficiency.

Streamlining the supply chain is crucial for reducing wastage and ensuring that agricultural products reach consumers efficiently and cost-effectively. Participants will have the opportunity to present solutions that can optimize the supply chain, leading to improved distribution and logistics. The hackathon encourages participants to leverage modern and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics to revolutionize various aspects of agriculture. Furthermore, Educating and creating awareness among different segments of society about the importance of agriculture and its sustainability is vital. Participants are encouraged to devise strategies to enhance agricultural awareness and education in the country.

The competition is open to a diverse range of participants, including university and institute students, graduates, aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs, individuals with inventive technological ideas in agriculture, enthusiasts, and experts in the field, including programmers.

The Agriculture Hackathon revolves around two primary tracks:
  1. Sustainable Agricultural Development: This track aims to address challenges related to sustainable practices, food security, fishery wealth, protected cultivation, water-saving techniques, and rainwater harvesting. Emphasizing sustainable agricultural practices is critical for preserving natural resources for future generations.
  2. Plant and Animal Health: The second track focuses on strengthening disease and pest prevention in agriculture and animal husbandry, with a particular emphasis on combating red palm weevil infestations. Preserving the health of plants and animals is crucial for a robust agricultural sector.

The hackathon competitions provide participants with an excellent platform to develop their ideas, demonstrate their technological capabilities and skills, and engage with agricultural experts and specialists. The competitive environment will encourage participants to push their boundaries and come up with groundbreaking solutions to real-world challenges. To further incentivize participation and recognize outstanding contributions, the top three winners will receive attractive financial rewards of up to SR 300,000.

Registration for the Agriculture Hackathon is now open and will remain so until September 14. Interested individuals can visit the official registration link: and follow the necessary steps to complete the registration process.

By organizing the Agriculture Hackathon, the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture demonstrates its commitment to fostering innovation and embracing technology in the agricultural sector. With the enthusiastic participation of young minds and experienced experts, the hackathon is expected to yield transformative solutions that contribute to the realization of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030’s ambitious agricultural goals.

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