CaixaBank and Biome Makers join forces in a pilot project, offering Biome Makers' BeCrop® technology to farmers and CaixaBank customers.
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CaixaBank and Biome Makers Join Forces

In a groundbreaking move for the agricultural industry, Biome Makers, a world-leading AgTech company specializing in the biological analysis of soils, and AgroBank, CaixaBank’s business line aimed at agri-food activity, have come together to collaborate on a pilot project. This partnership will bring Biome Makers’ cutting-edge BeCrop® technology to farmers and CaixaBank customers, ushering in a new era of innovation in agriculture through the application of artificial intelligence and soil data analysis, all of which will be financed by the bank.

The foundation for this fruitful collaboration was laid at the International Agrotech Ventures Program, jointly organized by the European Innovation Council and CaixaBank. During this prestigious event, Biome Makers has crowned the winner for its BeCrop® technology, which has been recognized as a transformative solution for the agricultural and livestock sectors in Spain. BeCrop® technology stands out as the gold standard in soil health assessment, boasting the world’s largest taxonomic database of microorganism references. By harnessing this vast reservoir of data, BeCrop® offers clear and actionable insights to address common agricultural challenges, including nutrient cycling, pathogen pressure, and more.

“We are excited about this collaboration and the possibilities it offers farmers,” declares Adrian Ferrero, Co-founder and CEO at Biome Makers. “Farmers and CaixaBank customers will now have the opportunity to utilize BeCrop® technology with zero-cost financing, enabling the entire agricultural industry to benefit from vital biological soil data that can inform their decision-making processes.”

Both CaixaBank and Biome Makers understand the crucial role that soil health plays in the realm of agriculture. They share a common vision of mitigating the effects of climate change, such as droughts, and are committed to promoting sustainable food production. In light of this shared mission, the two companies have solidified their partnership through an agreement. As part of the commercial pilot, CaixaBank will offer financing for BeCrop® Test, a soil biology analysis based on BeCrop® technology, to farmers and customers. In turn, Biome Makers will provide support and guidance to AgroBank customers on how to leverage their technology effectively and utilize the information obtained to enhance productivity and reduce costs.

“We are very pleased with this agreement. We believe that improving and recovering soil health is a key factor in enhancing agricultural sustainability, which is crucial for sustainably feeding the population and mitigating climate change,” comments Jaime Campos, Director of AgroBank at CaixaBank.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to promote the restoration of soil health in Spain, empowering farmers to boost productivity sustainably and overcome the challenges that the agricultural sector has faced in recent months due to adverse weather conditions, inflation, and other factors.

By combining their expertise, resources, and technology, CaixaBank and Biome Makers are spearheading a transformative initiative that has the potential to revolutionize agriculture in Spain and beyond. As farmers gain access to cutting-edge soil data analytics and artificial intelligence, they will be better equipped to make informed decisions, optimize their agricultural practices, and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient food system for the future. This collaboration serves as a shining example of how the convergence of finance and technology can drive positive change and address critical challenges in the agricultural sector.

Image provided by Biome Makers

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