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Tilt Industries GmbH Unveils Its Substrate-Less Solution

Tilt Industries GmbH, a German startup, aims to make waves in the controlled environment agriculture industry with its latest product, the Sinterra Hydrostarter. The innovative planting system uses capillary force to supply water and nutrients to seeds, eliminating the need for substrates and reducing waste in the cultivation process.

The Hydrostarter is designed to hold one plant at a time, allowing for cultivation from seed to harvest and use of the entire plant. In addition, its reusable and recyclable design makes hydroponics and vertical farming wasteless and circular, appealing to both commercial farms and private gardeners.

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Founded five years ago by two students, Tilt Industries is known for developing innovative products that solve existing problems in a socially acceptable and environmentally sustainable way. In 2022, the company launched the Sinterra brand to implement its Zero Waste Hydroponics concept. Hydrostarter is the first product that uses no substrate, enabling growers to produce bare-root plants from seeds without creating waste.

The Sinterra Hydrostarter has the potential to revolutionize how we grow plants, with its eco-friendly design aligning with the global trend towards sustainability and zero-waste solutions. Tilt Industries is currently seeking partners to make the Hydrostarter commercially available, signaling a bright future for the company and the agricultural industry as a whole.

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