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GreenField Incorporated Hires Executives & Advisors Ahead Of The 2023 Crop Season

GreenField Incorporated has announced hiring four new executives and advisors to their team in preparation for the upcoming 2023 crop season. These new additions are expected to be crucial in scaling the company’s efforts and accelerating its growth in the agritech industry.

One of the new hires is Dolly Singh, who has joined as the Acting Head of Talent & Advisor. With her extensive experience building and scaling industry-leading teams, Singh is expected to bring her expertise in human capital, culture, and innovation to GreenField. In addition, she will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to attract and retain top talent, which will be crucial for the company’s success in the coming years.

Another critical addition to the team is Royce Steinert, who has been appointed as the Head of Hardware. Steinert has 28 years of experience in developing hardware mobility solutions for Excel Industries, and he has managed a product portfolio of up to 10 product groups and 230 unique vehicle models. His expertise will be instrumental in helping GreenField develop new robotic solutions that can improve the efficiency of farming operations.


Joshua Stewart has also joined the team as an Advisor, bringing his leadership experience in customer success and engineering from Proterra, a commercial vehicle electrification company. In addition, Stewart has experience in powertrain design and off-road vehicles in NASCAR and the U.S. Army, which will be helpful for GreenField’s robotics solutions in the agriculture industry.

Finally, Nick Rrapushi has joined GreenField as the Head of Electrical Engineering. Rrapushi has experience designing and building uncrewed vehicles for the U.S. Military, surgical robotics at Medtronic, and producing defense-grade products at MORSE Corp. His expertise in electrical engineering will be critical for GreenField’s new robotic solutions, which include micro spraying, cover-crop planting, soil sensing, and nighttime operations.

The new hires are expected to leverage their experience to scale the agritech innovator and bring new robotic solutions to the market. In particular, the WeedBot, which significantly reduces the need for broadleaf herbicides, will be extended to include additional capabilities such as micro spraying, cover-crop planting, soil sensing, and nighttime operations. With these new hires, GreenField is well-positioned to significantly impact the agriculture industry and improve the sustainability of farming operations.

Image provided by GreenField Incorporated

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