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TiNDLE Expands UK Retail Reach With Morrisons and Mighty Plants Rollout

TiNDLE UK Product

Next Gen Foods, the company behind TiNDLE and Mwah!, announced the acceleration of TiNDLE’s rollout into new retailers, Morrisons, and Mighty Plants. Following a successful winter test of its brand-new grocery products in the UK, TiNDLE has responded to increasing consumer demand for plant-based chicken in the UK market. 

According to a study commissioned by TiNDLE, 68% of people in the UK believe that plant-based meals will become exponentially accepted in the next five years. TiNDLE’s new range of products will be available in over 350 Morrisons stores nationwide and on Mighty Plants. TiNDLE Burgers and Nuggets were previously available only during Veganuary, generating widespread consumer demand and affinity for its new plant-based chicken products. The company also launched 2,200 EDEKA stores in Germany in February and has since expanded into nearly 4,000 locations.

TiNDLE developed its products with chefs, for chefs, to fit the same taste, texture, and experience of animal-based chicken. TiNDLE’s newest offerings were developed in collaboration with the company’s R&D team and expert chefs worldwide, each featuring Lipi™, the company’s proprietary emulsion of plant-based ingredients. The products mirror the aroma, cookability, and savory qualities of chicken fat, making them a good source of protein and fiber. The full range of five TiNDLE products will be available on Mighty Plants later this month.

Beyond plant-based meat, Next Gen Foods continually innovates and diversifies its product pipeline and brand approach. For example, the company recently leveraged the AI chatbot ChatGPT to promote its latest offerings to consumers through a social media challenge called #ChatGPTMadeMeDoIt. Next Gen Foods also acquired the startup Mwah! last month, a London-based company specializing in creamy and indulgent plant products. Mwah! has partnered with several London eateries to bring their plant-based gelato to UK restaurants.

Image provided by Next Gen Foods

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