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UNLIMEAT Wins First Place in Albertsons’ Frozen Product Category

UNLIMEAT (website), a South Korean plant-based meat brand, has won first position in the new plant-based frozen food category at Albertsons shops in the United States. Albertsons has been looking for ways to address the increasing plant-based food sector and bring plant-based items into its shops. As a result, in conjunction with the Plant Based Foods Association, it was the first to provide private-brand Certified Plant Based foods. Every year, the plant-based food business expands by double digits.

Since January of this year, UNLIMEAT has started selling its goods, which include Korean BBQ and two types of plant-based Pulled Pork, at Albertsons shops across the United States. Its distinct product line distinguishes it from other companies, which typically provide chicken nuggets, patties, and sausages. In addition, UNLIMEAT’s products have an Asian flavor and form, making their first-place achievement in the new category even more significant.

The company’s Korean BBQ is a vegan product that is meant to look like beef chuck and is excellent for grilling, frying, and stir-frying. Pulled pork is a traditional Southern dish, but the UNLIMEAT product adds an Asian twist with its sauces. The original taste features a sweet and savory garlic sauce, and the Sweet & Smoky has the aroma of charcoal-grilled ribs, a Korean barbecue meal.

“This result is tantamount to showing us the unlimited possibilities for our products,” a UNLIMEAT spokesperson said of obtaining recognition in Albertson’s firms’ plant-based frozen food area. We hope to introduce a range of plant-based choices to the tables of many Americans in the future.” UNLIMEAT’s dedication to sustainability and choosing plant-based solutions for the market distinguishes them and demonstrates their industry development potential.

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