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True Veg Group Ink Partnership With Seasony

True Veg Group & Seasony Partnership

Indoor vertical farming has been growing in popularity over the years as it provides a sustainable and efficient way to grow crops without relying on traditional farming methods. However, the cost of entry for new vertical farms can be prohibitive, which is where the new partnership between True Veg Group of Companies and Seasony aims to provide solutions.

The two companies have created a turn-key solution that will drastically reduce the barriers to entry for new indoor vertical farms. The answer will include the market-leading plant factory technology from True Veg Group of Companies and the logistics and data insights solution provided by Seasony’s autonomous mobile robots. The result is a cost-effective, all-in-one solution that will make it easier for more people to get involved in indoor vertical farming.

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One of this partnership’s key benefits is using True Veg Group of Companies’ plant factory technology. This technology is tried and tested and is effective in producing high yields of crops in a controlled environment. Using this technology, new indoor vertical farms will be able to grow crops at a lower cost and with a smaller environmental footprint than traditional farming methods.

The addition of Seasony’s autonomous mobile robots to the solution is also significant. These robots will provide the necessary logistics and data insights to make vertical farms more efficient and productive. They will be able to transport crops around the farm, manage inventory, and collect data on plant growth and environmental conditions. This data will be used to optimize the growing process and improve crop yields.

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