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UniLaSalle Unveils Indoor Ag Research Center to Foster Agricultural Innovation

UniLaSalle Unveils Indoor Ag Research Center to Foster Agricultural Innovation. Indoor Farming; Vertical Farming; AgTech; AgriTech; Agriculture

Key Takeaways:

  1. UniLaSalle inaugurates a cutting-edge Indoor Farming Research Center on its Rouen campus, boosting its R&D capabilities in agriculture technology.
  2. The new center is expected to pioneer solutions for supporting agriculture and regional territories.
  3. Funding and support for the center come from the Normandy Region and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
  4. The event saw participation from notable regional officials, reflecting a collective effort towards advancing agricultural education and research.
  5. The development marks a significant stride towards integrating technology with agriculture, aligning with broader agtech advancements across the globe.

On Friday, UniLaSalle proudly inaugurated its new research facility, the Indoor Farming Research Center, on its Rouen campus. This initiative significantly amplifies the R&D infrastructure of the academic and research institution, providing the essential tools to devise innovative solutions in assisting the agricultural sectors and regions.

The establishment of this research center has been made possible through the generous support of the Normandy Region and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The collaborative funding underscores the collective mission of advancing agricultural technology and its integration in regional development strategies.

The inauguration event was graced by notable personalities, including Julie Guillas, the Vice-President of the Normandy Region responsible for higher education, research, innovation, digital transformation, and health. Catherine Flavigny, the Mayor of Mont-Saint-Aignan, Sebastien Windsor, Philippe Choquet, and Christophe Bostvironnois were also present, reflecting the inclusive efforts and wide-ranging support for this initiative. The Students’ Office of the UniLaSalle Rouen campus, represented by its President, Louis Gasnier, partners, alumni, and staff also celebrated this significant milestone.

The Indoor Farming Research Center is not merely a leap in UniLaSalle’s educational and research capabilities, but a stride towards realizing the potential of agriculture technology (AgTech) in France and beyond. The center is expected to play a critical role in pioneering solutions that accommodate the evolving needs of agriculture and regional territories, aligning with the broader global movement towards sustainable and technologically-driven agriculture practices.

This development epitomizes the collective drive towards innovation in the agricultural sector, providing a substantial platform for students, researchers, and the wider community to explore, learn, and contribute towards modern agricultural practices and regional development. The UniLaSalle initiative is a remarkable example of how academic institutions can play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and facilitating the transition towards more sustainable and technologically advanced agriculture systems.

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