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Valent U.S.A. Unveils Sustainable Solutions Criteria

Valent U.S.A. takes the lead in empowering sustainable agriculture through the implementation of cutting-edge sustainable solutions criteria.

Valent U.S.A. LLC, a leading agricultural products company, has unveiled a new product assessment framework aiming to evaluate and define sustainable solutions within its extensive portfolio of agricultural products. Known as the Sustainable Solutions Criteria, this framework is designed to assist growers and customers in achieving more sustainable agricultural crop production operations.

The Sustainable Solutions Criteria is part of Valent’s commitment, as well as its parent company Sumitomo Chemical, to drive sustainable agriculture through innovative products, practices, and solutions that benefit not only the agricultural industry but also the environment and society.

Guided by the relevant U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the criteria cover sustainable agriculture practices under the three pillars of people, planet, and productivity. Grounded in scientific research, the framework includes eight distinct icons that represent sustainable practices and attributes. These icons are applied to Valent’s existing and future portfolio of conventional, biorational, and botanical product solutions.

To effectively implement the Sustainable Solutions Criteria, Valent plans to incorporate these icons into a variety of digital and print materials and tools that can be used by field technicians and sales representatives. These resources will enable them to assist growers and customers in achieving higher levels of sustainability performance in their operations.

Matt Plitt, President and CEO of Valent U.S.A., expressed his enthusiasm for integrating the sustainability criteria within their R&D platform. Plitt stated, “We’re excited to integrate our criteria within our R&D platform to increase innovative and sustainable solutions in our product pipeline and address what growers need best to achieve their sustainability objectives.”

The criteria were developed by an internal cross-functional team that thoroughly assessed science-based regulatory reviews conducted by external independent authorities, peer-reviewed literature, and field evaluations by agricultural extension services. This comprehensive approach ensured the identification of product qualities and their contributions to sustainable agriculture.

To maintain transparency and credibility, the criteria underwent a third-party review by SCS Consulting, a global firm specializing in implementing credible sustainability strategies and processes for organizations.

Valent U.S.A.’s commitment to sustainable agriculture is aligned with its mission to develop and market products that advance sustainable practices, protect crops, enhance crop yields, improve food quality, beautify the environment, and safeguard public health. Through its wide range of herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, and plant growth regulator products, Valent caters to the needs of both traditional chemical and biorational products, ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable approach to agriculture.

Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd, Valent’s parent company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is recognized as one of Japan’s leading chemical companies. With a diverse range of products encompassing petrochemicals, energy and functional materials, IT-related chemicals and materials, health and crop science products, and pharmaceuticals, Sumitomo Chemical is actively contributing to various industries globally.

By introducing the Sustainable Solutions Criteria, Valent U.S.A. aims to foster a more sustainable agricultural landscape and support the needs of growers and customers committed to sustainable practices. Through ongoing innovation and a dedication to sustainability, Valent U.S.A. is striving to make a positive impact on agriculture, the environment, and society.

Image provided by Tomas Anunziata

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