Van Geel Orchid Adopts Sustainable LED Lighting
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Van Geel Orchid Adopts Sustainable LED Lighting

Key Takeaways

  • Van Geel Orchid switches to full-LED lighting from Oreon to enhance sustainability and efficiency.
  • The transition results in a 60% increase in light levels and a 25% reduction in energy costs.
  • The Oreon LED Control Center offers unprecedented control over lighting conditions, optimizing energy usage.
  • The move comes as a response to the energy crisis that forced many Phalaenopsis growers to shut down.

Many Phalaenopsis orchid growers have halted their operations due to the high energy consumption required for cultivation. However, Van Geel Orchid in Erica, Drenthe has chosen a different approach. They switched to full-LED lighting from Oreon last year, following the success of similar water-cooled LED fixtures used at other Phalaenopsis cultivation facilities. This decision aligns with Van Geel Orchid’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and efficiency in its cultivation practices.

A Focus on Sustainability

Van Geel Orchid, run by Martijn van Geel, has been producing around 30,000 plants per week for over a decade now. The majority of these plants have two stems. Mr. van Geel believes that sustainable cultivation is crucial and has made it a core principle of his business. The orchids are grown in a way that is optimal for both the plants and the people involved, while also being mindful of the environment. The recent switch to water-cooled LEDs is in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Maximizing Efficiency

The transition from High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights to Oreon’s full-LED lighting has resulted in remarkable gains. The light level in the greenhouse increased by 60%, while energy costs dropped by around 25%. These benefits are attributed to the high efficiency of Oreon’s LED fixtures and the innovative use of residual heat. The greenhouse at Van Geel Orchid is divided into propagation and finishing departments, and the residual heat from the LED fixtures is used to heat the propagation department up to 30°C. This ensures that the energy consumed by the LEDs is fully utilized.

Unprecedented Control

The Oreon LED Control Center, connected to Hoogendoorn’s climate computer, provides Martijn van Geel with the flexibility and control he sought. The system allows the greenhouse to be divided into infinite groups, enabling immediate response to fluctuating energy prices. Moreover, the lighting for every square meter of the greenhouse is fully controllable, ensuring optimal light distribution at all levels.

Collaborative Efforts

The switch to LED lighting was facilitated through a collaboration with Ledgnd, who also assisted Van Geel Orchid in applying for a subsidy scheme. The water installation will be set up by Erik Creve of Indagro Lighting BVBA, utilizing existing cabling and panels, which will be adjusted as needed.

Image provided by Oreon

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