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YASAI Achieves Certified B Corporation Status

Key Takeaways

  1. YASAI, an ag-tech startup, has officially become a Certified B Corporation.
  2. The certification signifies YASAI’s commitment to high social and environmental impact standards.
  3. Co-CEO Mark Essam Zahran emphasizes the company’s focus on benefiting people and the planet.
  4. B Lab, the organization behind B Corp, evaluated YASAI across five categories: workers, community, environment, governance, and customers.
  5. The certification is a step forward in YASAI’s mission to transform food systems for the better.

YASAI, an emerging player in the agriculture technology sector, has announced its official certification as a B Corporation. This milestone places the startup in a global community of businesses committed to high social and environmental impact standards. The certification is a testament to the company’s dedication to being publicly accountable and setting an example for other food and ag-tech startups.

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A Commitment to Social and Environmental Impact

Achieving the B Corp certification is not just a label for YASAI; it’s a commitment. As a B Corp, the company is now held to rigorous standards that measure its impact on workers, the community, the environment, governance, and customers. “We are part of a new generation of companies, which value and measure not just profit but also the best possible outcome for people and the planet,” said Mark Essam Zahran, Co-CEO of YASAI.

The B Lab Evaluation

B Lab, the non-profit organization responsible for the B Corp certification, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of YASAI. The assessment covered various aspects of the company’s operations, including procurement, internal policies, energy use, management structures, employee training and benefits, health and safety, and civic engagement. This thorough vetting ensures that Certified B Corporations are genuinely committed to making a positive impact.

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A Step Forward in YASAI’s Mission

The certification aligns perfectly with YASAI’s mission to transform food systems. “Today, we are taking another step towards delivering on our mission to transform our food systems. Together, we can build businesses that are a force for good, striving to benefit all,” the company stated in its announcement. The B Corp certification serves as a guidepost for the company, helping it to implement its values and “walk the talk.”

Image provided by YASAI

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