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Yield Lab Latam and Aapresid Partner

The Yield Lab Latam and Aapresid unite for regenerative agriculture in Latin America, emphasizing Agtech innovation and sustainable growth.
Key Takeaways:
  • The Yield Lab Latam (YLL) and Aapresid form a strategic alliance to enhance regenerative agriculture in Latin America, focusing on countries like Mexico and Colombia.
  • Initiatives include promoting direct seeding, accelerating agtech and foodtech startups, strengthening the ecosystem, hosting innovation events, initiating proposal calls, and facilitating knowledge exchange.
  • This collaboration signifies a pivotal move towards fostering sustainable agricultural practices in the region.

In an era where sustainable practices are increasingly vital, The Yield Lab Latam (YLL) and Aapresid have announced a significant partnership geared towards the expansion and growth of regenerative agriculture in Latin America. This groundbreaking collaboration primarily aims to transform the agri-food sector in nations such as Mexico and Colombia.

Collaboration Highlights

One of the standout elements of this partnership is Aapresid’s expansion of its direct seeding programs, underpinned by YLL’s support. This expansion seeks to reach more farmers and stakeholders in the region, thus allowing a broader spectrum of the agricultural community to benefit from sustainable farming practices.

Innovation remains at the heart of this alliance, especially in Agtech and foodtech. Both organizations are committed to driving technological advancements in agriculture by collaborating to promote and nurture startups and projects in these sectors. Their joint endeavors aim to position the region at the forefront of agricultural technology and innovation.

The partnership also recognizes the importance of a robust ecosystem for sustainable growth. Efforts are underway to craft a well-rounded ecosystem that integrates both public and private participants in Argentina and the broader region. This holistic approach ensures that every facet of the agricultural community is aligned and working towards common sustainability goals.

Events play a crucial role in disseminating knowledge and fostering innovation. Therefore, Aapresid and YLL are investing in co-creating events centered around innovation and entrepreneurship in the Agtech and foodtech spaces. These gatherings serve as platforms for sharing advancements in regenerative agriculture and as hubs for networking and collaboration.

Research and development are the backbones of progress. To this end, the organizations are initiating proposal calls targeting the Agtech and Foodtech sectors. These calls aim to incentivize and accelerate R&D in the region, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable agriculture.

Lastly, the power of shared knowledge must be recognized. Aapresid and The Yield Lab are setting a robust knowledge exchange mechanism in motion, pooling and sharing their vast expertise. This collaborative approach is designed to catalyze advancements in regenerative agriculture across the region.

Image provided by The Yield Lab Latam

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