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ACTX Partners with Clean Food Initiative and Produce Now

GrowPod Clean Food Initiative

Advanced Container Technologies, Inc (Ticker: ACTX), announced that it has partnered with the Clean Food Initiative and Produce Now to provide fresh, healthy food to disadvantaged youth.

ACTX said it will allocate space in one or more of its GrowPods to grow leafy greens, which will be donated to the Clean Food Initiative for distribution to various hunger-related charities. The food will be grown, packaged, and distributed by workers from Produce Now.

Hunger is an enormous and often under-reported problem in the United States. According to National Geographic, millions of working Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. One in six Americans doesn’t have enough food to eat.

The Food Research and Action Center states that over 38 million Americans live in households struggling with food insecurity or lacking access to an affordable, nutritious diet. This represents a 9 percent increase from 2019.

“This is a problem we just cannot turn our back on,” said Douglas Heldoorn, CEO of Advanced Container Technologies, Inc. “There are hungry people in towns throughout America. These are our neighbors, our sisters and brothers. We have a moral obligation to help those in need.”

GrowPods are hydroponic modular farms that can be located almost anywhere, and can replace approximately 1-acre of farmland in a pesticide-free, automated, and controlled setting.

The company has worked previously with Caterina’s Club, a non-profit organization established by noted chef Bruno Serato. Caterina’s Club donates over 25,000 nutritional meals to underprivileged children each week around the world.

GrowPods offer a way for non-profit organizations to grow clean, nutritious food virtually anywhere. Organizations can place a system in an urban environment, and teach young people how to grow food – providing valuable skills, job training, instilling pride, and invoking a sense of responsibility, in addition to helping meet the nutritional needs of the community.

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