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Clear Current Capital Expands, Fueling Sustainable Foodtech

Sustainable foodtech venture capital, Clear Current Capital expands globally

Clear Current Capital (CCC), a pioneering venture capital firm focused on funding early-stage sustainable food and foodtech companies, has announced its plans to expand beyond the United States. The firm, founded by Curt Albright in 2017, has been instrumental in driving innovation in the alternative protein and foodtech sectors.

Clear Current Capital has invested in 18 companies, using its extensive experience and data-driven insights to aggressively and successfully support startups in the industry. These learnings have highlighted the increased innovation occurring globally, allowing for white spaces to be filled in international markets.

After initially backing Change Foods, an Australian/US-based precision fermentation dairy company, in 2021, CCC expanded its investments to include New School Foods in 2022. This Canadian startup, founded by serial entrepreneur Chris Bryson, has developed groundbreaking technology to produce a proprietary muscle and fiber and a scaffolding platform for creating plant-based whole-cut salmon.

Canada’s Protein Industries, an organization dedicated to advancing sustainable protein innovations, has invested significant non-dilutive capital in Canadian startups, demonstrating the potential for growth in the sector. Meanwhile, in Germany, consumers are increasingly choosing sustainable food options, with record-low levels of meat consumption reported in the country.

Clear Current Capital’s expansion into international markets is a testament to its commitment to driving sustainable food solutions and advancing the foodtech industry globally. According to Albright, the firm’s global reach will enable it to harness the top talent and innovative ideas in the sustainable food arena internationally, ultimately generating solid returns and impact on the food system.

“Nosh’s world-class team exemplifies the trend of top talent flowing into the sustainable food arena internationally,” says Molino, emphasizing the firm’s confidence in the potential of international markets to further the sustainable food revolution.

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash


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