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Ekthaar Agricultural LLC Earns Pioneering SIF Certification

Dubai's Ekthaar Agricultural earns the prestigious Sustainable Indoor Farming Certification, highlighting the potential of vertical farming

Vertical farming has emerged as an eco-friendly marvel in the ever-growing tapestry of innovative agricultural approaches, especially in regions where conventional farming is challenging. The United Arab Emirates, known for its rich history and rapid modern development, has added another feather to its cap. Ekthaar Agricultural LLC in Dubai has become the first vertical farm to be honored with the Sustainable Indoor Farming (SIF) Certification. This recognition is co-administered by the esteemed Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) and Control Union United Kingdom.

Guided by the insightful leadership of the Bin Dasmal Group, which boasts over four decades of unrivaled expertise, Ekthaar Agricultural LLC has introduced a revolutionary era in sustainable agriculture. Their avant-garde vertical farming method is sculpted on the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) model. The company’s achievement in securing the SIF certification makes it a shining beacon in innovative farming. Moreover, Ekthaar astutely transforms construction waste into precious agricultural resources, signaling an ingenious stride toward a greener planet.

Control Union UK, recognized for its rigorous auditing and certification prowess worldwide, partnered with AVF to design and implement the SIF Certification. Their combined experience spans multiple sectors, including agriculture, energy, and food safety. With such a powerful alliance overseeing the certification, it ensures that the benchmarks for sustainability are set remarkably high.

It is also worth noting Ekthaar Agricultural LLC’s commitment to international green building standards. On July 5th, 2022, resonating with the “Save Soil” initiative, the Ekthaar team embarked on a new journey, planting the initial germination pods, thereby inaugurating its net farm.

During the audit, Ekthaar’s lettuce production underwent a thorough examination. The audit’s criteria, conducted on-site, scrutinized various facets, including:

  • Energy consumption (both renewable and non-renewable)
  • Water consumption
  • Nutrient utilization
  • Substrate utilization
  • Crop protection strategies
  • Spatial utilization
  • Food miles
  • Choice of seeds and seedlings
  • Waste management

The conferral of the SIF Certification on Ekthaar isn’t just a victory for the company or the AVF. Still, it stands as a testament to the promise and potential of the global indoor and vertical farming industry. Vertical farming, with its environment-conscious ethos, requires standards such as the SIF Certification to guarantee its operations’ sustainability and quality.

“Bin Dasmal Group, utilizing more than 4 decades of unmatched expertise, proudly introduces a fresh era of sustainability through “ekthaar” – a cutting-edge indoor vertical farm following the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) model. Noteworthy for achieving the Sustainable Indoor Farming (SIF) certification, ekthaar is a prime example of innovative agriculture, ingeniously transforming construction waste into impactful agricultural assets.” Commented the company.

This certification will elevate consumer trust in produce harvested from SIF-certified Vertical Farms. It reassures the consumer that their produce meets stringent sustainability criteria. Moreover, it emphasizes the imperative role of vertical farming in nurturing a sustainable food production ecosystem, both locally and globally. Ekthaar Agricultural LLC, backed by the Bin Dasmal Group, has set a golden benchmark for vertical farms worldwide. As the industry continues to grow, one hopes to see more green innovations prioritizing our planet and its resources.

Image provided by Ekthaar Agricultural LLC

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