AgTech company, Futura Gaïa raises 11M euros
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Futura Gaïa Nets An 11M Euro Funding Round

Futura Gaïa is a company that specializes in designing and selling turnkey vertical farms. They have developed a unique solution called rotary geoponics, which involves growing plants in soil. The company aims to address the challenges of climate change and water scarcity by improving food sovereignty.

According to Pascal Thomas, co-founder and president of Futura Gaïa, “Our solution will allow the affected populations to access local and healthy products in addition to the adaptations of the agricultural world. Our innovations will also be a preferred source of high-quality, environmentally-friendly ingredients for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The support and loyalty of historical investors, as well as the arrival of new capital providers, demonstrate the relevance of our approach.”

In 2020, Futura Gaïa raised 2.5 million euros in a first funding round and built its first farm in Tarascon. This was followed by a second funding round in which the company raised 11 million euros from existing and new investors. The funds will be used to enhance their R&D capabilities and install their first industrial-scale vertical farm.

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“Colam Impact is delighted to accompany Futura Gaïa in this new development phase. The company provides a relevant solution for sustainable and innovative agricultural production, complementary to traditional field agriculture. Its technology and agronomic expertise address many challenges faced by the agricultural sector, including better water resource management, zero pesticide use, preservation of biodiversity, as well as the resilience and food security of territories, creating real environmental and economic value,” says Philippe de Moustier, CEO of Colam Impact.

Futura Gaïa has received recognition for its efforts. The company was selected as one of the 18 winners of the “Première usine” project under the France 2030 investment plan. This project aims to support French companies in improving their production capacity and reducing its dependence on imports.

According to Georges Viglietti, President of Sowefund, “The relevance and positive Impact of Futura Gaïa has generated strong interest among our community of individual investors. We are delighted to join this round of funding and support them in the next stages of their growth.”

The rotary geoponics solution offered by Futura Gaïa aims to provide local populations with access to local and healthy products while also serving as a source of high-quality ingredients for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The company’s approach has been described as innovative and unique. It is considered a positive example of the potential for innovation in rural areas.

Photo by Rob Pumphrey on Unsplash

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