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GrowPod New 20-Foot Model

GrowPod Clean Food Initiative

Advanced Container Technologies, Inc (ACTX) has introduced a new and smaller-sized GrowPod aimed at resorts and restaurants to provide fresh and clean food for their guests. Alternatives that want to deliver premium, chemical-free food with solid flavor and freshness increasingly turn to controlled environment farms like the GrowPod. These farms offer several benefits, including growing certain types of leafy and micro greens that may be hard to import or grow locally.

The new GrowPod is built into a 20-foot-long insulated shipping container, easily transported from one location to another. The container can be customized to include a 5-tier/5-channel growing system with a hand sink, nursery, and prep area, making it easy for resorts to grow fresh produce. The container is also designed with a secure entry door with an air curtain, stainless steel worktops, commercial-grade flooring, NSF-rated walls, and complete environmental control accessible through a cloud-based mobile application.


GrowPods provide a protected environment that reduces the resorts’ worries about too much sun, rain, heat, or insects. Additionally, since the container is a closed-loop system, water doesn’t evaporate, reducing water usage. This feature is essential for Caribbean resorts that import much of their produce from Miami or local farmers, as this practice has limitations. In some islands, more than 90% of the food consumed is imported, making it challenging to provide fresh and clean food to guests.

Investing in hydroponic farms like GrowPods can solve this problem for resorts, enabling them to offer guests the cleanest, most delicious food possible. With GrowPods, alternatives can incorporate a “farm-to-fork” concept at their restaurants, where guests can witness the food’s journey from the farm to their plates. The controlled environment farms also eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and herbicides, creating a safer and healthier environment for guests.

Image provided by GrowPods

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