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Kernel Deltech Finalists In NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge

Kernel Deltech Finalists In NASA's Deep Space Food Challenge

Kernel Deltech, the space-focused division of Eternal Bioworks, has made it to the finals of NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge, a competition aiming to drive the innovation of sustainable food systems for long-duration space missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

The unit devised by Kernel Deltech employs fungi fermentation to generate a sustainable, nutrient-dense food supply for astronauts on extended space voyages. This cutting-edge technology, stemming from Eternal’s industrial production methods, has been refashioned to function with limited resources in a space environment. In addition, the compact, fully automated system, previously compared to a coffee pod machine but for fungi food, has been tested and validated by NASA judges for safety and efficiency.

Fungi, praised for its high protein content and rapid growth rate, is an excellent alternative protein source for space exploration. Kernel Deltech has devoted considerable effort to fine-tuning every facet of fungi production, from cost efficiency to minimizing water and energy usage. Its patented technology leverages advanced artificial intelligence and robotics to streamline a typically intricate production process.

Lucas Gago, Chief Innovation Officer of Eternal, stated, “After winning the previous phase, expectations were high. We are proud to have made it to the NASA final.” Newly appointed Company CEO, Miguel Neumann, added, “This technology has the potential to revolutionize the alternative protein industry, both for space exploration and for democratizing access to good nutrition here on Earth.”

Kernel Deltech has also reached the finals of the XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion competition, with a chicken breast analog created using their proprietary Mycofood™. This accomplishment underlines the wide-ranging possibilities of the company’s groundbreaking approach to sustainable food production.

On May 20th, the company will present its technology at the NASA Deep Space Food Challenge and Beyond event at Smart Design in Brooklyn. “Having Kernel Deltech present in the final round of NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge is a testament to our team’s hard work and expertise in sustainable food production,” said Horacio Acerbo, Founder of the Eternal Group. “Our technology can bring humanity one step closer to long-duration space travel.”

The Deep Space Food Challenge, a cooperative initiative by NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, invites global innovators to design, build, and test new strategies for maintaining astronauts in space for extended periods. The competition emphasizes creating systems with minimal resources, waste, and reduced water requirements while providing safe, healthy, and appealing food options.

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