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Native & Aspiration Partner For 2 Carbon Removel Project

To carry out two carbon removal projects, Native, a Public Benefit Corporation, and Aspiration, a well-known climate financing firm, have partnered. The initiatives are the Patagonia Region Improved Grazing Project in Argentina and the Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Project in Montana. The Northern Great Plains Improved Regenerative Grazing Project, which includes parts of Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, North Dakota, and South Dakota, aims to reduce carbon emissions from the atmosphere by implementing sustainable grazing management to enhance the health of the soil and grasslands on numerous ranches. The Patagonia Region Improved Grazing Project will concentrate on various Argentine farms and ranches.

Both initiatives seek to restore their respective ecosystems’ capacity to support a variety of large and abundant species and human livelihoods. The projects are made to seem like the natural grazing habits of herd animals to accomplish this. Greater animal density will be used to graze smaller pastures, followed by longer rest intervals. This will result in an increase in plant production and soil carbon inputs above baseline circumstances.

Olivia Albrecht, CEO of Aspiration, says, “Our carbon project partners have a shared commitment to removing carbon that has a positive impact on the climate, the wildlife, and the communities.” “We are honored to partner with Native to invest in and complete these projects.”

To improve the long-term sustainability of land use throughout the Northern Great Plains and Argentina, local implementation partners will give participating ranchers and farmers access to training, education, and other forms of support.

These initiatives provide techniques that enhance soil health and aid in the soil’s ability to absorb greenhouse gases from the environment. Additionally, they can ease the strain on rivers and promote the regrowth of local species. As additional ranchers and landowners sign up for the program, the effect of these projects will increase. For example, the Patagonia project is expected to produce over 620,000 metric tonnes of carbon reductions yearly over 500,000 hectares of land. “Partnerships like the one we’ve developed with Aspiration are key to expanding our work not only to combat climate change but also to improve the lives of farmers and the communities we reach,” said Jeff Bernicke, CEO of Native. We are thrilled to work with Aspiration to take this step toward net-positive climate action.

Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash 

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