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NatureSweet Introduces Bite-Sized Snacking Tomatoes

NatureSweet Introduces Bite-Sized Snacking Tomatoes. AgTech; Agriculture; Controlled Environment Agriculture; Indoor Farming

Key Takeaways

  1. NatureSweet, a leading greenhouse grower, is introducing bite-sized snacking tomatoes like Cherubs®, Glorys®, and Constellation® to the food service industry.
  2. NatureSweet is North America’s largest vertically integrated agricultural company, overseeing every stage from planting to distribution.
  3. The company is piloting its Food Service program with two national restaurant chains.
  4. NatureSweet holds multiple certifications, including Fair Trade, EFI, and B Corp, emphasizing its commitment to social, environmental, and economic impact.
  5. Greenhouse-grown produce from NatureSweet offers benefits like consistent quality, year-round availability, and sustainability.

NatureSweet, a leading greenhouse grower of fruit and vegetables, is expanding its offerings to the food service industry with a range of bite-sized snacking tomatoes. The company’s Cherubs®, Glorys®, and Constellation® tomatoes are handpicked and packed with tangy flavor, making them a versatile addition to various dishes.

Product Offerings

NatureSweet’s snacking tomatoes are available in 10oz and 32oz packaging options. According to Summer Jones, NatureSweet’s Food Service Sales Manager, the company is the largest vertically integrated agricultural company in North America. “We are involved in every process stage, from planting the seed, harvesting the fruit, packaging, and distribution. It’s how we guarantee great-tasting tomatoes,” Jones said. The company is piloting its Food Service program with two national restaurant chains.

Commitment to Sustainability

In addition to providing high-quality produce, NatureSweet is committed to making a positive social, environmental, and economic impact. The company has earned multiple certifications, including Fair Trade Certification, EFI Certification, and B Corp Certification. This makes it the world’s largest Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) company to achieve B Corp status.

Benefits of Greenhouse-Grown Produce

NatureSweet’s greenhouse-grown produce offers several advantages over traditional farming methods:

  • Consistent, superior quality due to regulated conditions of light, temperature, and humidity.
  • Year-round availability, unlike field-grown produce, is dependent on seasonal weather.
  • Socially and environmentally sustainable production methods.
  • Requires 87% less land to convert from natural to arable land.
  • Offers fair wage employment and benefits that are year-round, not just seasonal.
  • It enables the production of eight times more food and prevents soil depletion.

Photo by Paddy Pohlod on Unsplash 

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