Planet Labs' acquisition of Sinergise is revolutionizing Earth observation data accessibility and insights.
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Planet Labs Accelerates Earth Data Platform

Planet Labs PBC (NYSE: PL), a prominent provider of daily Earth data and insights, completed the acquisition of the business of Holding Sinergise d.o.o. (Sinergise), a leading developer platform for Earth observation (EO) data. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies and holds the potential to reshape the landscape of geospatial data accessibility and its applications.

The acquisition of Sinergise is aligned with Planet Labs’ mission to democratize access to geospatial data and insights, fostering data-driven decision-making across industries. The Sinergise acquisition is set to bolster Planet’s Earth Data Platform, enabling the efficient delivery of EO data to a diverse range of customers. This innovative platform is designed to make geospatial data accessible even to non-expert users, unlocking transformative insights that can fuel better operational management, informed decision-making, environmental monitoring, societal analysis, and enhanced global transparency.

Sinergise’s crowning achievement, the Sentinel Hub, is an advanced API-driven, cloud streaming platform that empowers customers to access and process multi-source EO data for analysis, insights, and extraction. The technology behind the Sentinel Hub has garnered acclaim for its ability to seamlessly integrate and provide easy access to data from sources like Sentinel, Landsat, Planet, and more. This acquisition thus enhances Planet’s capacity to offer a comprehensive platform for EO data processing, bringing powerful insights to a wider range of industries and stakeholders.

Planet’s commitment to supporting the Earth observation community is underpinned by the belief in fostering global interoperability. Sinergise’s technology brings this ambition to life, facilitating greater connectivity and collaboration among users worldwide. By providing an open standard, Planet aims to advance the field of geospatial data analysis and foster innovation on a global scale. The integration of Sinergise’s capabilities promises to create an inclusive space where stakeholders can harness the power of EO data to drive meaningful change.

The acquisition also marks a significant expansion of Planet’s operations in Europe. With the Sinergise team joining Planet, the company’s European workforce will comprise nearly one-third of its global staff. Planet’s footprint in Europe will span multiple offices, including those in Slovenia and Austria, in addition to its existing presence in Berlin and Haarlem. This concerted effort to strengthen its European presence underscores Planet’s commitment to advancing the European space community and fostering collaboration within the region.

The Sinergise acquisition is Planet’s sixth in a series of strategic moves aimed at expanding its capabilities and industry reach. Previous acquisitions have included the BlackBridge group of companies in 2015, Terra Bella business from Google in 2017, Boundless Spatial, Inc. in 2019, VanderSat B.V. in 2021, and Salo Sciences, Inc. in 2023. This legacy of acquisitions demonstrates Planet’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and to continuously enhancing its offerings.

Planet Labs’ acquisition of Sinergise marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Earth observation data accessibility and its applications. By integrating Sinergise’s cutting-edge technology, Planet is ready to deliver on its mission of making geospatial data accessible, actionable, and transformative for a wide range of industries. This move holds the promise of propelling society toward data-informed decision-making, sustainable environmental practices, and increased global transparency.

Image provided by Planet Labs

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