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PlantX Partners with BE Hive

PlantX Life Inc., a digital platform for the plant-based community, continues to expand its roster of brands by partnering with the BE Hive.

PlantX Life Inc., the leading digital platform for the plant-based community, continues to expand its roster of brands by partnering with the BE Hive, a renowned plant-based foods company based in Nashville, Tennesee. The collaboration aims to enhance the accessibility of plant-based eating by integrating BE Hive’s popular products into PlantX’s e-commerce fulfillment solutions.

The BE Hive is recognized for its wholesale distribution of plant-based food products to restaurants, food distributors, and grocers across the United States. Additionally, the company operates a retail deli and market in East Nashville, attracting customers with its delectable selection of plant-based offerings. From mouthwatering pepperoni and chipotle chorizo to marinated filets, breakfast sausages, and deli slices, the BE Hive caters to a diverse range of culinary preferences.

Through this strategic partnership, BE Hive has incorporated a button on its website’s product pages, allowing customers to conveniently purchase single packs of their favorite bulk items. By clicking the button, users are redirected to a dedicated BE-Hive storefront on the PlantX website, providing a seamless shopping experience. The integration of BE Hive’s products into PlantX’s platform aligns with the company’s mission of making plant-based eating accessible to all.

Lorne Rapkin, the CEO of PlantX, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Core to the PlantX mission is making plant-based eating approachable to all. Now that the BE-Hive is an e-commerce partner, we’re doing this with the most savory, comfortable plant-based food around. We know that both of our customers are going to love being able to buy even more BE-Hive products.”

Ben Stix, the owner, and founder of the BE Hive, emphasized the collective’s commitment to promoting accessible plant-based eating. He stated, “The BE Hive is a collective that strives to make plant-based eating more accessible by providing indulgent and tasty food that meets people where they’re at. Through our partnership with PlantX, we are excited to make our delicious products available to the larger plant-based community.”

In addition to partnering with the BE Hive, PlantX manages other brands in its portfolio, such as a juice brand, a coffee company, a plant shop, and brick-and-mortar grocery stores. The company’s digital presence not only serves as a convenient marketplace but also fosters a community of like-minded individuals, providing education and support to those interested in embracing a plant-based lifestyle.

With its commitment to breaking down barriers and facilitating a transition to a plant-based lifestyle, PlantX is revolutionizing the way people approach their dietary choices. By collaborating with the BE Hive and other prominent brands, PlantX continues to expand its offerings, making plant-based living more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Image provided by PlantX

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