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POMETA: Smart Crop Load Management for Apple Growers

POMETA Crop Load Management

ADDIUM, a frontrunner in developing advanced agricultural solutions, has announced the launch of POMETA, its cutting-edge intelligent crop load management system. This new technology aims to assist apple producers in optimizing crop load management, which is crucial in an era of tight margins. By efficiently managing crop load, growers can pack more bins per acre, achieve size targets, and increase high-quality fruit production while ensuring adequate return bloom.

POMETA employs sophisticated computer vision technology to enable growers to quickly count clusters, fruits, and fruit per tree and estimate singles, doubles, and triples. From a 5mm diameter, POMETA allows growers to determine individual size and growth rates for thousands of fruit within minutes. Utilizing fruitlet counts and growth rates, the system assists in fine-tuning chemical fruitlet thinning by automatically forecasting fruitlet drop.

As stated by Patrick Plonski, Computer Vision Director at POMETA, “By utilizing iPhone video, we create a 3D model of an orchard canopy, identify and measure fruit, and estimate concealed (occluded) fruit. With over 100 perspectives for each tree, our method detects more fruit than any photo-based technology. Moreover, the 3D technology enables us to monitor the persistence of individual fruitlets and accurately measure individual growth rates down to the nearest millimeter.”

The POMETA system is user-friendly, with the POMViz data acquisition app as simple as recording a video on the phone. Additionally, the POMETA web app offers intuitive navigation and transparent data displays, providing rapid insights for growers. For example, POMETA generates forecasts of bins per acre and size for harvest, starting from the fruit set and improving accuracy as harvest approaches. POMETA also includes a reputable weather station equipped with twelve sensors, no complex wiring, and a straightforward setup. The weather station is highly regarded by climate researchers worldwide. In summary, POMETA delivers a comprehensive, full-season, 3D crop load management system that fits right in a grower’s hand, streamlining the agricultural process and increasing efficiency.

Image provided by POMETA

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