PPK LJ and Kambyan Network have launched 'IR 5.0 - Integrated Digital Farm', revolutionizing agriculture in Malaysia with automation.
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PPK LJ and Kambyan Network Launch IR 5.0

The world is witnessing a revolution in technology. With automation and drones taking center stage in various industries, from manufacturing to production, autonomous systems have become a common practice for large corporations. Now, the agriculture industry in Malaysia is embracing this technological wave, thanks to a pioneering collaboration between Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan Lanas Jedok (PPK LJ) and Arinaa Kambyan Berhad, better known as The Kambyan Network.

The partnership aims to bring the cutting-edge “IR 5.0 – Integrated Digital Farm” concept to small farmers, addressing the acute labor shortage issue faced by the agricultural community. The Kambyan Network, with its expertise in autonomous solutions, is set to deploy the MiDAGS™ (ManUsIA – intelligent Digital Agricultural System™) platform, a precision-oriented system that includes autonomous machines and workflows, promising a host of exciting developments for the future.

PPK LJ, a small farmers’ association, takes a quantum leap into the world of modern agricultural technology by joining hands with The Kambyan Network. The collaboration goes beyond just controlling machines autonomously; it aims to achieve complete workflow automation from the office to the field. The Kambyan Network’s subsidiary and research arm, Saffron Systems Sdn Bhd, has been at the forefront of pioneering Remotely Processed Autonomous – Field Operations (RPAs-FO™) technology, using indigenous drones for tasks like SLAM and guidance systems, path planning, and in-field process automation.

The Kambyan Network has always focused on the challenges faced by small farmers and strives to anticipate their future needs. This forward-thinking approach enables the network to develop innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the agriculture industry.

One of the main drivers behind this initiative is the impending labor shortage in the agriculture sector, as the younger generation shows little interest in traditional farm work. Mr. Zulkifli Yunus, Chairman of PPK Lanas Jedok, expressed, “We know that young men or women are not going to return in large numbers to take up the laborious work on the unattended paddy fields and plantations that are owned by their parents. The elder farmers are getting on in years, and like me, they are 60 years and above. Therefore, automation and precision fieldwork are our only way forward in agriculture for Malaysia, and we (the small farmers) are ready, contrary to what most people think or say.”

The collaboration between PPK LJ and The Kambyan Network aims to build a future for autonomous machines and workflows in the agricultural industry. With support from Malaysian and international companies like AKB Group, EBTECH, MELVAULT, AI SMART FISHERIES, and SOLNOVATION ANALYTICS, the partnership seeks to implement total solution technologies and provide full-machine control solutions for small farmers.

The companies involved are already implementing a high level of automation and supporting small farmers by training and developing the younger generation as full-fledged RPAs-FO professionals. This will enable a team of 21 people to work together in a command center and remotely control all machines within a radius of 25 kilometers, performing additional tasks during active fieldwork.

By focusing on farmer-centric solutions, the partnership aims to deliver unique and innovative applications tailored to the needs of farmers. Ramasamy RM Sambandam, the Business Development Director of The Kambyan Network, emphasized, “We are building new farmer-focused solutions as part of our existing connected farm ecosystem to deliver a unique and compelling solution for our customers—simplifying the complex, logistical, and operational challenges of modern agriculture.”

The first phase of the collaboration will include setting up a command center at Lanas Jedok, digitalizing 8000 hectares of PPK LJ members’ land, training 60 new local “Agronauts,” and deploying colonies of Aquaculture tanks while working on abandoned paddy fields. The second phase will extend operations to cover 25 kilometers, improve platform/machine performance, and reduce operating errors in sprayers, spreaders, and harvesters. The introduction of AI-driven automation and Autonomous Harvesting ,Fertilizing, Weeding, and Transportation (AutoHaFeWeT™) technology will significantly reduce the workload of operators and set the stage for fully autonomous machines in the future.

Ramasamy concludes by highlighting the uniqueness of this collaboration, stating, “The unique opportunity with this collaboration is that we are not presenting ‘just a vision,’ but that we are walking the talk step-by-step and towards autonomy in a pragmatic, consistent manner, and it is an IR5.0 offering!”

The partnership between PPK LJ and The Kambyan Network represents a remarkable step forward in revolutionizing small-scale agriculture in Malaysia. By embracing IR 5.0 and integrating cutting-edge technologies, the collaboration promises to enhance productivity, address labor shortages, and pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient future for small farmers in the country.

Photo by Abdelrahman Ismail on Unsplash

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