CakeBoxx Announced Completion Of First Modular Platforms In Partnership With Royal Caridea

CakeBoxx Technologies

CakeBoxx Technologies, a world leader in sustainable and optimized supply chains, has announced the completion of the first eight modular “GEN2 Raceway” platforms in partnership with Royal Caridea. This biotechnology innovation is a huge step forward for sustainable food production and a new source of locally produced, fresh, and nutritious seafood for population centers worldwide.

The GEN2 Raceway system is a controlled, circulating, living aquatic environment providing localized, sustainable, fresh, and nutritious food production. It is mobile, modular, and vertically stackable, making it a flexible solution for various locations and scales of food production. The GEN2 Raceway utilizes the same designs, intellectual property, and technology as all other CakeBoxx systems, making it a seamless addition to its portfolio.

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CakeBoxx has been developing modular transportation and storage platforms since 2011, including the patented TrusDek® intermodal containers. The company has engineered solutions for various industries, including the North Slope oil, defense, and wind energy. CakeBoxx adopts a “design for sustainability” approach that helps customers improve operations and profitability while delivering on their sustainability goals.

CakeBoxx Technologies has established itself as a leading sustainable and optimized supply chain provider for high-value, high-stakes cargo. Its CEO, Daine Eisold, stated that the company designs, develops, and implements comprehensive supply chain solutions that minimize risk, boost profitability, and meet sustainability goals, making the GEN2 Raceway project a perfect fit. Furthermore, this project addresses a crucial global issue: ensuring an ongoing, sustainable source of fresh and nutritious food without needing long-distance transportation from foreign locations. With the GEN2 Raceway, food can be grown locally, anywhere in the world.

Completing the first eight GEN2 Raceway platforms is a significant milestone for CakeBoxx and a testament to their commitment to sustainable and optimized supply chains. The food system units offer a new source of locally produced, fresh, and nutritious seafood for population centers worldwide, which is critical for a healthy and sustainable future.

Image provided by CakeBoxx Technologies 

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