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ACTX Offers GrowPods to Universities for Research and Education in CEA

Hydroponic Modular Farms ACTX

Advanced Container Technologies, Inc (Ticker: ACTX), a leading provider of modular hydroponic farms, announced today that its innovative GrowPods are now available to colleges and universities for research and educational purposes. Universities play a crucial role in driving innovation, and many institutions are rapidly opening or expanding their agricultural departments with Controlled Environment Farms (CEA).

Auburn University is committed to improving vegetable production in controlled environments. Their team is developing urban agriculture systems and training the next generation of controlled environment experts through research and teaching programs. The program is essential as the sector continues to grow in the southeast.

Similarly, Purdue University, Cornell University, and North Carolina State University have departments focused on studying Controlled Environment Farming. Northern Michigan University even offers Bachelor’s degrees in CEA. Other universities in CEA include the University of Arizona, UC Davis, and Texas A&M.

Controlled Environment Farming offers numerous benefits, such as consistent year-round crop production without the impact of adverse weather conditions on quality and yield. Farming in a protected and managed environment provides growers with repeatable, consistent production. Additionally, CEA can reduce harvest times and improve volume without compromising flavor or quality.

The CEO of ACTX, Doug Heldoorn, is excited about working with colleges and universities to improve their Controlled Environment Agriculture centers. He believes their modular hydroponic farms are among the best available and has been continually improved to offer the best technology and affordability.

By offering GrowPods to educational institutions, Advanced Container Technologies aims to support the development of new CEA technologies and methodologies, contributing to the future of sustainable agriculture.

Image provided by Advanced Container Technologies

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