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Direct Enterprises Unveils New Soil Health Solution, Reclaim™

Direct Enterprises Unveils New Soil Health Solution, Reclaim™

Direct Enterprises, Inc. announced the launch of Reclaim™, an advanced biological technology that focuses on enhancing soil health, facilitating crop residue decomposition, and optimizing nutrient release.

Co-owner of DEI, Bill Haubner, voiced his enthusiasm for the product’s debut, highlighting the company’s entry into the biological solutions sector. “The introduction of Reclaim™ signifies our continued commitment to supporting growers in boosting soil health and overall productivity,” Haubner said. “This robust product has versatile applications and has already gained significant traction. Those growers eager to be part of the biological revolution should consider Reclaim™. We recommend reviewing the soil health report data available on”

Designed to expedite the breakdown of crop residue, Reclaim™ is uniquely enriched with a high concentration of critical microbes, recognized as the most effective solution on the market for rapid and efficient residue breakdown. The product’s action of minimizing crop residue in spring facilitates faster soil warming, promoting more uniform seed emergence and healthier plant stands. Moreover, reducing crop residue improves planter performance, leading to significant time and cost savings for farmers.

DEI’s other co-owner, Dennis Tauchen, emphasized the product’s role in preparing the seedbed for optimal growth conditions. “Progressive growers invest in the right seed selection and seed treatment for their farm type, often bringing seed treating in-house,” Tauchen noted. “It stands to reason that this carefully selected seed should be placed in well-prepared soil. That’s where Reclaim™ comes in. Its role is to prepare the seedbed, safeguarding the seed investment and fostering the perfect environment for growth.”

Since its inception 27 years ago, DEI has been an unwavering advocate for farmers nationwide, specializing in seed treatment and seed-treating equipment. The company has expanded its product portfolio to include biologicals and other high-yield solutions, reinforcing its position as an industry leader and ally to forward-thinking growers.

Photo by Xiaocong Yan on Unsplash 

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