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MeEat Partners with Centric Software for Plant-Based Future

Plant-based startup MeEat collaborates with Centric Software to streamline innovation processes and bolster its international market presence.

In a significant move to bolster its international market position and achieve a sustainable plant-based future, MeEat, a leading Finnish plant-based food tech startup, has joined hands with Centric Software®, the forefront in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) arena.

Centric Software is renowned for pioneering avant-garde enterprise solutions. With a remarkable portfolio spanning a range of products, including apparel, footwear, sporting goods, and even food & beverage, their primary objective is to aid businesses in realizing their strategic and operational digital transformation ambitions.

On the other side of the partnership is MeEat. Launched in 2020, this dynamic startup has established a strong foothold in the plant-based food sector. Born out of the Finnish meat processing giant Pouttu, MeEat has sculpted a niche, with its MUU brand becoming a household name in Finland.

Dedicated to its revolutionary vision, MeEat has rolled out 50 unique products designed to seamlessly replace meat in conventional dishes and recipes without compromising taste or texture. Their use of fermented fava beans stands out, highlighting their commitment to sustainability and a holistic approach to food. This ingredient isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s rich in protein and presents a less processed option than many traditional food items.

However, innovation requires seamless collaboration, efficient data management, and streamlined processes, especially for a budding startup with international aspirations. Janna Oksanen, PLM Project Manager at MeEat, pinpoints the challenges: “Dispersed data, varying formats, and intensive manual labor not only consumed time but also elevated the risk of errors.”

The quest for a comprehensive PLM system led MeEat to Centric Software. Oksanen elaborates, “Centric Software emerged as the natural choice due to their deep-rooted expertise in platform development and an in-depth grasp of the FMCG sector.” The robustness, flexibility, and features of Centric PLM™ made it a cut above the rest. Additionally, the easy accessibility to Centric team members ensures streamlined collaboration, reinforcing MeEat’s commitment to swift innovation and productivity.

The union of MeEat and Centric Software promises to redefine the contours of plant-based food tech and lay down a blueprint for startups and corporates alike, demonstrating how digital transformation and sustainability can walk hand-in-hand. With these two giants collaborating, the future of plant-based food looks brighter than ever.

Image provided by MeEat

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