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NuWay-K&H Introduces Greeneye Precision Spraying for Agtech Advancement

NuWay-K&H Cooperative Invests in Greeneye Technology System to Unlock Benefits of Precision Spraying for Members and Enable Greater Collaboration with Sustainability Partners

Following the purchase of a Greeneye Technology precision spraying system, NuWay-K&H Cooperative has announced a significant expansion to its agtech offering in order to significantly reduce herbicide use, boost the effectiveness of its weed management programs, increase crop yields, and support sustainability initiatives. It has designed customized input packages to achieve farmers’ main goals in order to make the switch to precision spraying easier. In field testing, it was found to achieve the same degree of effectiveness as the broadcast application while, on average, using 87% fewer non-residual herbicides. The business is certain that the approach will enable farmers to collaborate more successfully with large food firms seeking to cooperate with sustainable suppliers.

Following the purchase of a precision spraying system from Greeneye Technology, NuWay-K&H Cooperative announced a significant expansion of its agtech portfolio. To start, NuWay-K&H will employ the Greeneye technology to provide its farmer members in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa with selective spraying as a service. This will make it possible for them to drastically cut back on the usage of herbicides, boost the effectiveness of their weed control plans, raise agricultural yields, and promote sustainability activities.

Vice President of Agronomy Sales and Marketing Jeff Crissinger says: “As part of its commitment to living up to its brand promise of being diverse, inventive, and providing outstanding value, NuWay-K&H Cooperative is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge technology. The Greeneye precision spraying technology definitely belongs in the area of innovation. There is no better example of how drastically the agricultural sector is changing than the switch from broad-spectrum spraying to more intelligent targeted methods. For the sake of our farmer members and for the sake of our own cooperative, it is crucial that we lead this transformation.”

Beginning with the 2023 season, NuWay-K&H Cooperative will make the Greeneye system available to its members. It has developed a variety of input packages to meet farmers’ key objectives, from simple chemical volume reduction and cost savings to boosting productivity by reinvesting savings into more sophisticated input programs that are unaffordable when applied on a broadcast basis. This has made the transition to precision spraying easier.

According to Crissinger, “Our clients are quite active in trying to discover methods to push the yield curve. For instance, we could utilize the Greeneye technology to reduce their crop chemical costs by $20 per acre and then cease. But what if we put that $20 into a yield-improving plan that produces 10 more bushels of corn? That would result in an extra $60 per acre on today’s market, increasing the possibility of profit. We will be investigating all opportunities to provide our clients with additional benefits above and beyond the money we may save them on crop protection goods as we integrate the Greeneye system into our business processes.”

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