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FarmTech Society Policy Survey and Feedback Request

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As FarmTech Society prepares A first major POLICY event in Brussels together with Zenith Global (Vertical Farming World Congress), FTS needs ALL STAKEHOLDERS IN Controlled Environment Agriculture to collect feedback for a common voice in order to develop the smartest possible policy narrative (anticipating confirmed high-level regulators and policymakers from the US and the EU), the stakeholders need to inform us about key interest and preferences – this is mission critical to everyone’s growth potential.


The more feedback this survey generates, the more the CEA representation (and your particular interests) will gain legitimacy and recognition. FarmTech Society is a pre-competitive international non-profit association representing the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) sector, consisting of 75 companies with over 60,000 employees in 28 countries. FTS was founded to be a common voice and an independent representation for the sector, to raise awareness and help to support fledgling startups and industry stakeholders from innovation-driven solution providers to maturing industry players with a growing market share. CEA is positioned to significantly contribute to food security, sovereignty, digital adaptation, local economies, R&D investments, STEM job opportunities, and much more!

FTS member companies span the full range of agritech industries ranging from CEA technology suppliers, research and educational institutions, operators, policymakers, planners, investors, and consultants engaged in food/feed and medicinal products. CEA helps transform a low-hanging analog industry by adopting technology-enabled practices (video)

The FarmTech Society is enlisted in the EU Transparency Register with #469686733585-87.

FarmTech Society Members Include:

  • Basic greenhouse farming: This daylight dependent system ranges from basic plastic-covered soil based practices to fully enclosed high-tech glass structures with digital controls for climate and nutrition. It allows for hybrid system implementation, and is fully compatible with, and complimentary to traditional field farming.
  • Vertical farming (VF): Vertical farming involves the intensive cultivation of plants on several horizontal levels in completely enclosed spaces. The cultivation utilizes biomimicry, the climate, nutrient solutions without soil and optimized daylight imitation using LED lamps. Processes are automated and digitally controlled. Growing conditions and plant data continuously improve their yield, nutritional values and quality. Products range from plants, to alternative proteins and medicinal products and even allow for hybrid system implementation with field farming.
  • Recirculating aquaculture systems: Land-based fish farming such as aquaponic systems based on hybrid system implementation with GH and VF as well as with field farming.
  • Sustainable B2B growing options for indoor growers: Water-soluble, organic hydroponic nutrients help global agricultural communities safely reuse localized food waste, accelerating environmentally-friendly growing practices.

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